pyaar ki kahaani (KRPKAB) Ep-35


Nikki-bhabhi come with me.
Nikki takes Sona to her bedroom and asks her to do the test. Sona takes the test. Result:Positive. Nikki asks her to take the test again. Result:Positive. Sona takes the test 3 more times and it comes positive always. Nikki and Sona get happy and tell it to the whole family. Everyone decide to keep it as a secret from Dev. Sona goes with Nikki to the hospital for a confirmation. Reports come as positive and Nikki gets happy. They put the reports in one of Dev’s file. Dev comes home.
Ria-bhaiya there is a file which the accountant gave Tina to give to you but since you were busy she gave it to me. It’s kept on your table in your bedroom.

Dev goes and checks the file while everyone else peep inside. Dev picks the file and the Reports fall down. Dev picks it up and reads it. He is shocked.
Dev-maa! Sona! Nikki! Ria! Mamaji! Everyone come here.
Everyone-what happened?
Dev-maa see this! Sona is pregnant!!
Ishwari- we know.
Dev-everyone knew it but no one told me.
Sona-we wanted it to be a surprise for you.
Mamaji-let’s give them some space.
Everyone else go out.
Dev-Sona I can’t believe you hid such a big thing from me.
Sona-if I didn’t then would I get to see this big smile on my jaan’s face.
Dev-thank you.
Sona starts to cry.
Dev-jaan what’s wrong why are you crying??
Sona-I was remembering the pain we went through before and the happiness you had when you came to know I am pregnant.
It’s just…..

Before Sona could complete what she was saying Dev kisses her.
Dev-no more senti talks. Only happiness.
Dev-now you sit it’s not good for you to stand for long.
Sona-Dev it’s ok.
Dev-no jaan I don’t want you to take any stress. Nikki will help you climb the stairs. I don’t want to take any risk this time.
Sona*cupping his face*-Jaan it’s ok. It’s just the second month.
Dev-first you sit. *makes her sit on the bed*
Dev-yes. Now tell me what all cravings are you having.
Sona-Raw Mango, Tamarind, Chocolate, Pani Puri, etc.
Dev-you wait here.
Dev goes and gets a Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk(the big one) and shows it to her.
*No brand advertising is done here. Just because Dairy milk is my favorite chocolate I mentioned it here*
Sona-Dev how do you have this???
Dev-I just randomly happened to get it for you and see it was helpful.

Precap-5 months leap

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