pyaar ki kahaani (KRPKAB) Ep-34


Hey Guys! I know that I’m going to be beaten by all of you for not posting in such a long time but the site was not working in my area so even I couldn’t do anything. And yay our favorite show-Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi- has finally completed a century.

Today’s Episode:
Everyone(Dixit & Bose families) watch the ppt which consists of Dev’s childhood, teenage, adulthood, marriage pictures. At last there is a video. The video shows Sona’s hand and a man tattooing something on it (This is what Sona was hiding from everyone). Dev looks at Sona. He takes her hand and sees his name tattooed on it.
Dev-Sona what did you do?? You took so much of pain for me.
Sona-Dev don’t pretend to be so innocent.
Sona takes his hand and shows everyone that Dev tattooed Sona’s name on his hand.
Dev-how did you know?
Sona-yesterday when you came to me and you moved your hand, I noticed something peeping out of your sleeve. After you slept I pulled your sleeve and saw the tattoo.
Dev-so smart.
Sona-ab cake cut kare?
Ishwari-haan jaldi kaato.
Dev cuts the cake and feeds it to Ishwari, Sona, Neha, Ria, Nikki, Mamaji & Ranveer. Sona takes the frosting and is about to apply it to dev but he stops her. Sona signals something to Nikki and Ria.

Nikki & Ria-bhaiya…
Dev turns to Nikki & Ria and Sona applies cake to his face.
Dev-Sona! Ab toh tum gayi.
Dev takes some of the frosting and is running behind Sona. Sona runs upstairs and goes and locks herself in the bathroom.
Dev-Sona open the door.
Dev-Sona please open the door. I won’t put the frosting on you.
Sona comes out. Dev goes and washes his face and they go down. Its dinner time and Dev doesn’t find Sona in the dining room.
Dev-maa, where is Sona??
Ishwari-she is in her room. She was saying she isn’t feeling well.

Just then Kichu comes out with a plate of food.
Dev-kichu bhaiya ye kis ke liye hai.
Kichu-Doctor didi ke liye.
Dev-ye plate mujhe de do aur aap andar jao.
Kichu-theek hai bhaiya.
Kichu gives the plate to him and goes inside the kitchen. Dev takes the plate in his bedroom and finds it decorated with candles. Sona bolts the door and takes the plate from Dev’s hand and keeps it on the table. She is wearing a seductive night gown.
Dev-Sona tumhari tabiyat toh theek hai na?
Sona(sensuously)-main toh natak kar rahi thi taaki main yeh taaiyaari kar sakoon.
Dev-par Sona….
Before he could complete his sentence Sona presses her lips on his. He is shocked initially but gives in and kisses her back. Sona finally breaks the kiss. She pushes Dev on the bed and sits on his lap kissing him again.
She unbuttons his shirt and he pulls the strap of the night gown down. They remove the barriers and make love sensuously.

Next Morning:
Dev wakes up to see Sona sleeping on his chest. He kisses her forehead and she wakes up.
Dev-thank you for the best birthday gift.
Sona-your welcome.
Sona goes to the bathroom to get ready. She comes out wearing a beautiful red and grey sari and goes down. Dev also comes down and gets mesmerized on seeing Sona.
Nikki-bhaiya muh band kar do makkhi ghus jaayegi(bhaiya close your mouth or else housefly will enter your mouth).
Dev closes his mouth. Everyone laugh. Sona gets their breakfast outside. Everyone makes faces.
Sona-arre! Why are you making faces? (the food is covered so everyone thinks it’s healthy food)
Dev-my stomach is aching.
Nikki-I’m dieting
Ria-I’m not hungry
Ishwari-I’m fasting
Mamaji-My stomach is full.
Sona-oh then I will eat this Paneer Pakoda, Aloo paratha, Pav Bhaji, Misal Pav(sorry guys but I’m staying in Maharashtra so I know only Maharashtrian dishes),etc.*removing the cover*
Dev-oh my stomach isin’t aching any more.
Nikki-my diet can wait for a day.
Ria-my hunger just came back
Ishwari-I just remembered that I have to fast tomorrow.
Mamaji- my stomach is empty now.
Sona-too much of excuses.

Everyone eats happily. Sona looks at them from far. Everyone finish eating. Sona takes the plates to the kitchen and Dev gets up to leave for office. Sona faints and the plates fall from her hands.
Everyone rush to her. Dev carries her to the bedroom. Sona wakes up.
Dev-Sona are you ok??
Sona-yah I’m fine
Dev-Sona are you sure?? Should I stay with you.
Sona-no Dev go to office. I’m fine.
Dev reluctantly goes to office. Nikki is sitting with Sona. Sona all of the sudden goes to the bathroom and pukes. Sona comes out.
Nikki-bhabhi are you ok??
Sona-I want to eat something sour. Imli.
Sona goes down and eats imli(tamarind).
Nikki sees this and goes to get a pregnancy test kit.
Sona-Nikki what did you get??

Precap-Good News!

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    i just loved… 🙂

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    Yay! Loved It!

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  8. Sona is pregnant! BTW even I live in Maharashtra

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