pyaar ki kahaani (KRPKAB) Ep-33


Sona-you are always with me and I know you will never let me fall.
Dev-you trust me so much??
Sona-more than myself.
Dev touched by Sona’s words hugs her. He carries her till their room in his arms. He gently makes her lie down on the bed.
Sona-Dev if you continue carrying me like this then when will I learn how to walk again? This isin’t the first time I’ve met with this type of accident.
Dev-I know that you have to practice to walk again but I can’t see you fall down.
Sona- you don’t have to see me fall just wait for a couple of days I’ll be able to walk properly by then.
A month passes by.
Sona is hiding something from Dev and everyday is the afternoon she is away from the house. Everyone except Dev know the reason why she is missing every afternoon. But they don’t know what Sona is hiding from them.

One morning.
Sona wakes up not to find Dev next to her. Dev enters the room with a coffee cup in his hand.
Dev-good morning jaan.….you’re up so early
Dev-yah so?
Sona-aaj kuch special hai kya??
Dev(sadly)-nahi toh.
Sona-don’t you want to go to Office?
Dev-jaata hoon.

It is Dev’s birthday but no one in his family wishes him. Dev reaches his office. Dev goes to his cabin and during lunch time Sona comes to his cabin with his Tiffin. She prepared all of his favorite foods. Dev gets happy seeing that. He thinks atleast she will wish him now.
Dev-aaj itna special lunch kyon??
Sona-bas mera mann hua isiliye.
Dev gets sad hearing that and she leaves his office. It is Evening and Dev gets a call from Sona.
Dev-haan bolo Sona.

Sona(scared)-Dev! Dev please help me!! Aahh!
The call ends. Dev panics and rushes home. He enters the house and finds it dark. Someone covers his eyes. Dev removes the hand and sees Sona.
Dev-Sona what is this?
Sona-Surprise!!!! Happy Birthday jaan!!!
Dev-tumhe yaad tha??
Sona-yaad tha ka kya matlab hai? From the past 1 month I’m planning this party.
Dev-what party??
Sona-look around.
Dev sees that his whole house is decorated with balloons, streamers, etc. On the wall is a projection sheet and on the table a projector is kept.


I know guys you are gonna kill me for the same precap but all hit serials show the same precap for atleast 2 days right?

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