pyaar ki kahaani (KRPKAB) Ep-31


Sona starts getting flashbacks and faints. Dev calls the doctor. Doctor examines Sona.
Doctor-kya aap logon ne Sona ko uski puri zindagi baata di?
Dev-yes doctor.
Doctor-then this is a good sign. She fainted because she has regained her memory. She will gain consciousness any time now.
Sona gains consciousness.
Doctor-Miss what is your name???
Doctor-full name please.
Sona-Mrs. Sonakshi Dev Dixit
Doctor-what is your marriage date??
Sona-17th April
Doctor-what is your last memory??
Sona-I was talking to Dev on the phone while going to my mother’s house to give them gifts which I bought for them.

Doctor looks at Dev asking for confirmation. Dev nods his head. Doctor excuses himself and asks Elena to come to collect the reports. Dev asks Elena to call the family members and tell them that Sona regained her memory. Finally Devakshi are alone in the ward.
Dev-Sona tumhe pata hai tum mujhe bhool gayi thi. Humare pyaar ko bhool gayi thi.
Sona holds her ears but due to the stitches, her head starts to ache.
Dev-arre yeh kya kar rahi hon. Intna bada accident hua hai tumhara. Tum bas aaram karo.
Sona-itna bada accident thodi na hua hai.
Dev-haath aur pair fracture hua hai aur keh rahi hon bada accident nahi hua hai.
Sona-theek hai baba.
Dev-chalo tum so jao tumhe aaram karne ko bola hai.
Sona goes off to sleep and Dev sits on the sofa doing his work on his laptop. Every once in a while he stares at Sona sleeping peacefully. After some time, Dev finishes his work and looks up to see Sona staring at him.
Dev*singing*-kya dekhti hon.
Sona*singing*-surat tumhari
Dev-kya chahti hon
Sona-chahat tumhari

Devakshi smile. Sona starts recovering and she starts to walk again. Dev helps her maintain her balance by holding her hand and waist. Sona recovers but still limps while walking. Sona comes home. Ishwari kisses her forehead and tells her to take care of herself. Sona starts to walk upstairs but she loses her balance and is about to fall down the stairs but Dev catches her.
Sona-thanks Dev.
Dev-what thanks. If you would have fallen down then?
Sona-you would catch me just like you are doing now.
Dev-If I’m not there?


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