pyaar ki kahaani (KRPKAB) Ep-30

Dev-yes doctor. She did but that was 1.5 years ago. Before we got married
Doctor-so she is suffering from partial amnesia. Mr.Dixit please tell her the truth of her being your wife slowly and carefully as her condition is very critical. If she is given a shock then she may slip into coma.
Dev-yes doctor.
Dev reveals that Sona is suffering from partial amnesia to both the families. They decide that Sona will stay in the Bose household until she regains her memory. Everyone go home except Elena and Dev(they are very good friends now as she is his sister-in-law). Dev is sitting next to Sona(she is now in the normal ward). There are tears in his eyes.
Dev-Sona jaan how can you forget me. Our love. Our marriage. Our lovely moments.*starts crying*.
Elena consoles him.
Elena-jiju don’t give up. I am trying to bring Sona’s memory back. I will remind Sona of your love and then you propose her. Slowly slowly she will remember everything.
Dev-haan you first remind her about our love. Then slowly slowly she will remember it all.

Sona wakes up the next day to see Dev sleeping with is his head on her bed. She smiles seeing him. Dev wakes up.
Dev-Miss Bose aap uth gayi? Elena! Sona uth gayi.
Elena-jij…I mean Mr.Dixit you go were here all night.
Sona-what??? Mr.Dixit you stayed here? Go home.
Dev leaves and Elena gives him thumbs up.

Elena-Sona you love Dev right.
Sona-who said!!!
Elena-your eyes. When you found that he stayed here whole night, you became tensed. Accept it Sona you love him.
Sona-yes I love him*screaming*
Dev is listening to their conversation from outside. He comes back in the evening and Sona smiles seeing him. Dev signals Elena to go out. Elena goes out.
Dev-Miss Bose how are you feeling???
Dev-Miss Bose actually I wanted to tell you something for quite a long time.
Sona-boliye Mr.Dixit
Dev-I love you Miss Sonakshi Bose.
Sona-I love you too Dev.
Dev hugs Sona. Elena sees this from outside and smiles. She enters the ward.
Elena-jiju aapki coffee.
Sona-Elena tune sab baatein sun li??
Dev-voh actually…
Sona-You both are hiding something from me.
Dev-Sona calm down, we will tell you everything.
Dev and Elena tell everything about her past life(her miscarriages,wedding,arrest of Radharani,etc.)

Precap-Sona faints

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