pyaar ki kahaani (KRPKAB) Ep-29

Ishwari-haan jao na beta magar kaam kya hai?(go but why?)
Sona-voh main unke unke Kashmir se laye hue tofe(gifts) dena chahti hoon.(i got gifts for them from Kashmir so i wanted to give it to them)
Dev-main tumhe chod deta hoon.(i’ll drop you)
Sona-nahi Dev mujhe ghar pe kuch kaam hain aur tum bhi itne dino se office nahi gaye hon toh tum jao bas mujhe lene aa jana.(no Dev i have some work at home and you have also not gone to office in so many days. just come to pick me up)
Dev-theek hain(ok)

Dev goes to his office. Sona gets ready to go to the Bose household. She is talking to Dev while travelling and she meets with an accident.
Saying this Sona falls unconscious. Bunty sees Sona and takes her phone.
Bunty-Dev tu kahan hai?(dev where are you?)
Dev-Bunty tu udhar kya kar raha hain?(bunty what are you doing there)
Bunty-main guzar raha tha par maine bhabhi ko deka. Dev bhabhi ka bahut khoon beh gaya hai. Main unhe JLS hospital leke jaa raha hoon tu bhi udhar aa jana.(i was going by but then i saw Sona. Dev she has lost alot of blood. i am taking her to jls hospital you also come there)
Dev-theek hai.(yah fine)
Dev tells Tina not to tell Ria about Sona’s Accident. He leaves the office and reaches the hospital.

Dev-Bunty meri Sona kaisi hain? (bunty how is my Sona)
Bunty-bhabhi ka operation ho raha hain tu himmat rakh.(her operation is going on)
Nurse-patient ka blood group kya hai? Dekhiye unka khoon bahut beh gaya hai.(what is the blood group of the patient? we need it fast because she has lost alot of blood)

Nurse-yeh blood group to available nahi hai. Dekhiye yeh blood group jald se jald arrange kariye varna patient ke jaan ko khatra ho sakta hai.(oh no. this blood group is not available. please arrange this blood group fast or else the patient’s life will be in danger)
Dev- nurse mera blood group A+ hai. Main khoon deta hoon.(nurse my blood group is A+)
Nurse-jaldi kijiye patient ki halat bahut nazuk hai.(come fast the patient is very critical)
Nurse takes Dev along with her to supply blood to Sona. Sona’s operation is successful. She is shifted to ICU because her condition is still critical. Dev goes and sits beside her. Bunty tells Dixit and Bose families about Sona’s accident. Both the families arrive there. Asha is about to go in but Ishwari stops her.

Ishwari-Samdhanji mujhe pata hai ki aapko aapki beti se milna hai par ICU main sirf ek hi insaan patient ke saath reh sakta hai aur abhi Dev uske saath hai. Jab Sona ko normal ward main shift nahi karlenge tab tak hum usse na mile toh behtar hai. Dev uska saath ek pal ke liye bhi nahi chodega.(asha i know that you want to meet your daughter but in the ICU only one person is allowed and right now Dev is with her. when she will be shifted to the normal ward we will meet her. Dev will not leave Sona for even a minute)
Asha-sach kaha aapne Samdhanji. Meri Sona bahut lucky hai ki usse aap jaise saas aur Dev jaisa pati mila.(you told the truth ishwari. my Sona is very lucky to have a mil like you and a husband like Dev)
Asha and Ishwari hug. They go to the temple to pray for Sona’s well being. Sona’s condition is still critical. Sona gets restless and moves her fingers. Dev calls the doctors. Doctor checks Sona. Sona wakes up to find Dev over there. Sona is shocked.
Sona-Mr.Dixit aap yahan????(mr dixit you here)
Dev-Sona main yahan nahi toh kahan rahunga.(if i’m not here then where will i be)

Sona- Mr.Dixit it’s Dr.Bose for you.
Dev is shocked. Sona faints again. Doctor asks Dev to meet him in his cabin. Dev asks Elena to stay with Sona.
Doctor-Mr.Dixit I guess your wife is suffering from partial amnesia. Was she a victim of a major accident before this???

Precap-Dev is crying and Elena consoles him.

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