pyaar ki kahaani (KRPKAB) Ep-28

Devakshi go in their room. Sona is shivering like crazy.
Dev-Sona tum theek ho na?
Sona-tumhe kya lagta hai ! Main baraf main jam jaungi.
Devakshi cuddle in the blanket and fall asleep. Abhi comes and bangs the door.
Abhi-Dev!!!! Jaldi kar na yaar!!!!!!
Dev wakes up with messy hair and opens the door.
Dev-kya hai???
Abhi-sorry yaar mujhe pata nahi that u busy tha.
Dev-busy nahi soh raha tha. Tu jaa main aur Sona aate hai.

Abhi-jaldi aa.
Dev closes the door and goes to Sona. He kisses her lips and she wakes up.
Dev-chalo cocktail party keliye taiyaar hona hai.
Dev gets ready in a dashing grey three piece suit with a light blue shirt. Sona wears a light blue sari and a grey shawl. They both look very color coordinated. They come down and see Abhi, Tina and a guy whose back is facing them. They approach them. Abhi and Tina compliment them and the guy still has his back to them. The guy turns around and drops coffee on Sona’s sari. The coffee burns Sona and she grunts in pain. Dev gets concerned.
Dev-Sona tum theek ho na? *to the guy* What is this can’t you see before you turn.
Sona-Dev, it’s ok how would he know I am standing behind him.
Dev-it’s not ok. Tumhari jagah par main hota toh tum itni shaant nahi rehti. Chalo tumhari sari saaf karke lekar aate hain.
Devakshi go to the bathroom and clean the coffee stain. She covers the wet mark with her shawl. They come out.
Tina-bhabhi are you ok?

Sona-yah Tina I’m fine.
Devakshi enjoy the cocktail party. Dev doesn’t leave Sona’s side even for a minute. The party ends and everyone goes back to their rooms. Sona is still shivering. Dev hugs her. They both cuddle inside the bed and Sona falls asleep hugging him.
Dev(in his mind)-tum sote samay kitni sundar lagti hon.
Dev kisses her forehead and sleeps. They wake up the next morning, get ready and go down. It is the wedding day. The trio(Abhi,Dev,Shobhit) finally meet. Their respective wives(Tina,Sona,Sargun) watch on happily. They spend 3 days together roaming around Kashmir, romancing their respective wives and talking about their childhood days. They go back to their respective homes promising to stay in contact. Devakshi come home and take Ishwari and Mamaji’s blessings. They ask about the wedding and tell them to go and take rest. Devakshi go in their room.
Dev-vaise ab hum vapis aa gaye hain toh*naughtily*
Sona-darvaja toh band karo

Dev closes the door and they both get intimate. They enjoy their moments together as one soul and promise to live together forever.
Next morning:
Devakshi come down and have their breakfast.
Sona-maa kya main aaj Bose household jaa sakti hoon?

Precap-Sona is talking to Dev and……

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