pyaar ki kahaani (KRPKAB) Ep-26


Guys i just got 3 comments on my previous episode!!! Looks like this will be my last episode! I will decide to post the next part only on the basis of comments! Anyways today’s episode:
After some time Sona wakes up to see Dev sleeping peacefully. She kisses his cheek and goes to get ready. She comes out and sees Dev still sleeping. She goes and wakes him up.
Sona-Dev? Dev utho,
Dev wakes up.
Dev-what happened jaan? All good na.
Sona-yes, all good. It’s 3 o’clock.’s 3.
Sona-yes go and get ready everyone would be waiting for us.

Dev goes and gets ready and Devakshi come down holding hands and staring into each others eyes very much in love. Ria & Nikki see them and sneeze to get them out of their world. Devakshi come back to reality and leave their hands.

Nikki-sorry bhabhi voh cheek(sneeze) came by mistake.
Sona-you are not sick na Nikki?
Nikki-haan bhabhi

Sona goes in the kitchen to get something to eat and Dev follows her. He hugs her from behind.
Sona-Dev leave me.. someone will see.
Dev-let them see how much I love my wife.
Saying that he makes Sona turn and they are facing each other. Their foreheads touch and just as they are about to touch their lips Sona moves back and widens her eyes. Dev pulls her closer.
Sona-Dev maa is watching us.
Dev-let her *thinking that she is saying that so he will leave her*
Sona-Riya and Nikki too
Dev-it’s fine
Sona-mamaji is also there
Dev-let it be
Dev(sensuously)-Sona paas aa na

Dev realizes that Sona was telling the truth and leaves Sona. He turns red and leaves the kitchen but mamaji stops him.
Mamaji-Jo kaam karne aaya tha voh karke jaa. *to everyone else* let us sit outside.
Everyone goes out. Dev and Sona come closer and have a liplock.

Dev-from now wherever we meet, we will kiss each other.
Sona-even in front of everyone?
Dev-no, only when its us two.. jaise tab jab main office jaa raha hoon.
Sona-theek hai.*gives Dev another kiss* let’s go outside.

Devakshi come out of the kitchen. Bose family is also there. Devakshi take elders blessings. Sona cuts the cake and feeds it to Dev, Ishwari, Mamaji, Asha, Bijoy, Dadi, Sorav, Elena, Ria and last main Nikki.
Nikki-kya bhabhi mujhe last main kyon diya.
Sona-sabse chote ko sabse last main.

Precap-only on the basis of comments. If i get good comments precap will be commented

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  1. Its really good. Keep writing. All the best.

  2. Shreyansh maheshwari

    Good one plz continue

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  5. Angel20

    It’s really awesome yaar, don’t end it…

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  8. Simplesweety1

    Loved It! Meri ff pe bhi kuchh khaas comment ni aaye .. please comment if u don’t mind .. Kya Ma Manengi ? …… A Devakshi FF (Episode 11)

  9. Yoo that was romantic.


  11. It was really awesome 🙂

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  13. Epi was amazing please don’t stop

  14. Nice episode…. Don’t end it

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