pyaar ki kahaani (KRPKAB) Ep-25


Sona-thank you maa.
Mama-accha beta abhi hum phone rakhte hai.
Sona cuts the call. Dev switches off both of theirs phones.
Sona-Dev tum kya kar rahe ho….. kisi ka phone aa gaya toh?
Dev-aaj ki raat sirf hum dono hai koi bhi beech main nahi aaye ga.
Sona-kya matlab?
Dev-matlab ye ki tumne mujhe surprise kara tha ab meri baari hai.
Warning: high romantic content. Please read if you feel to and no bad feelings if you don’t.
Sona gets his meaning and shies. She goes to the window and Dev comes behind her. He puts his hands around her waist and moves her hair to one side. He kisses her neck. Sona closes her eyes shut. Yeh moh moh ke dhaage from Dum laga ke haisha plays in the background. Dev removes her earrings, necklace, etc. Sona turns around and hugs him tight. Dev detaches himself from her and places his lips on hers gently. Sona pushes her lips on his and sucks it and makes her tongue meet his. Dev picks up Sona while still kissing her and places her on the bed. They stop kissing. Sona turns around and Dev removes his coat and unbuttons her blouse. Sona clutches the bed sheet. Sona turns around and Dev removes her pallu. Sona unbuttons his shirt. Dev unwraps her sari and she removes his pants. They remove the barriers between them and make intense love. After some time they both dose off in each others arms. After some time they wake up and make love again.
Next morning:
Sona wakes up with Dev’s shirt covering her. She smiles seeing Dev and goes inside the bathroom(just like Twilight). She looks at herself in the mirror and remembers her moments with Dev yesterday night.
Dev comes and hugs her from behind (shirtless).
Sona-thank you for the best birthday gift but I expect more from you.
Dev-itna dene ke baad bhi aur chahiye iss ladki ko.
Sona-Dev tumi ekdum impossible kintu aami ekhano tomake bhalobasi.
Sona-arre wah Bengali bhi seekh rahe hai…. I said that I love you even if you are impossible.
Dev-I love you too.
Devakshi hug. They come back home, Sona looking very exhausted. Nikki sees them and hugs Sona wishing her a happy birthday.
Sona-thanks Nikki
Nikki(teasingly)-kya hua bhabhi bahut thaki thaki lag rahi hain aap.
Sona-aise koi baat nahi hai. I’ll go and get fresh.
Devakshi go to their bedroom.
Dev-tum thodi der ke liye baitho main abhi aaya.
Sona sits on the bed and falls asleep. Dev comes with a bouquet and find Sona sleeping peacefully. Dev keeps the bouquet on the table and sits next to Sona. Soon he too falls asleep. Ishwari(who went to the temple) comes in their bedroom to wish Sona and finds them asleep.
Ishwari(whispering)-kisi ki nazar na lage inn dono ko.
Precap- Devakshi romance

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