pyaar ki kahaani (KRPKAB) Ep-24


Dev along with the family call Radharani and Vicky. They come down and police arrests them. By that time Vicky accepts that he caused Sona’s first miscarriage. Police takes them and the whole family heaves a sigh of relief. Devakshi hug but separate realizing that there is family around them. Sona blushes and goes upstairs. Dev asks Sona out for a date. Sona agrees. In the evening:
Sona-Dev what should I wear???
Dev(handing her a packet)-this.
Sona opens the packet and sees a pink and gold sari with a gold blouse and matching jewelry. Sona gets ready and Dev takes her out to a hotel. They come out of the car and see the hotel very well decorated. She turns around but can’t find Dev.

An announcement is heard.
Voice-Mrs. Sonakshi Dixit. Please proceed to Room no. 1701
Sona goes to the room to find it fully decorated with candles. Dev comes and hugs her from behind.
Sona-Dev what is all this?
Dev-first come and sit.
Sona and Dev sit on the sofa in the room with a box in front of them. The clock strikes 12.
Dev-Happy Birthday Sona!!
Sona-OMG Dev tumhe yaad tha.
Dev-tumhe yaad tha se kya matlab hai. Tum meri biwi ho yaad toh hoga hi na.
Sona-how sweet Dev…. I Love You
Dev-cake katna hai ki nahi.
Dev-tumhe kya laga is dibbe main kya heere moti hai?
Sona cuts the cake and feeds it to Dev. Dev takes the frosting on his fingers and Sona runs to save herself but she slips due to the sari and Dev catches her and applies the frosting on her cheek. Sona hugs him and applies the frosting on his cheek too.
Dev-Sona what is this birthday toh tumhara hai.
Sona-tum kiske ho?

Dev-Anushka ka
Sona(angrily)-yeh Anushka kaun hai!! You’re cheating on me!!*starts to cry*
Dev- Anushka humari beti ka naam hoga*cups her face*how did you think I could cheat on you. Jaan I love you very much.
Dev and Sona go and wash their faces. Sona gets a call.
Everyone(dixit family)-Happy birthday Sona!
Sona-thank you
Ishwari-enjoy your day beta.


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  1. so short! this is not fair?? i was waiting for such a long time to read ur ff…

  2. Asmita...

    Recap plz…

  3. Ittu sa but next time a vry big one plz

  4. Amazing episode di!!lol aaj meri bhi birthday tha!!

  5. Amazing

  6. Short and sweet epi…….

  7. Lovely episode…. Read 5 episodes n was so happy….all getting okay finally…post soon

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