pyaar ki kahaani (KRPKAB) Ep-23

Sona-aapko toh sona tha na. Go to sleep. Don’t spend any time with me and sleep outside the room tonight.
Dev-Sorry Sona. Jaan you know na I have finally started to sleep peacefully without sleeping pills….. I don’t want to sleep outside na jaan. Give me whatever punishment you want.
Dev-yah anything but please forgive me.*kisses Sona’s hands*
Sona-fine but only this time.
Dev smiles.
Dev goes to get ready. Sona goes down and takes Ishwari’s blessings. Ishwari asks her to make her rasoi. Sona goes and prepares sheera for her first rasoi. Obviously since she is a nutritionist there is some twist in the sheera. Dev comes from behind and tickles her stomach.
Sona-Dev stop it.
Dev-why after all you are my legally wedded wife that too for the second time.
Sona-Dev someone will come.
Dev-let them come.
Sona puts her hand on the table but she accidently puts her hand on the stove and burns her hand.
Dev-jaan what are you doing? Be careful!
Sona starts writhing in pain. Dev applies ice on her burn. Till then the whole family reaches there.
Ishwari-Sona beta where was your attention?

Sona-I was talking to Dev and I didn’t notice.
Radharani (slowly)- kaash haath ki jagah pet u khud jal jaati Bangalan(no offence to all the Bengali people).
Nikki and Ria overhear her. Devakshi go in their bedroom and Ria&Nikki follow them and tell Dev everything. Dev, Nikki, Ria, Ishwari, Mama along with Sona hatch a plan to remove Radharani and Vicky from the house(muted). They decide to start their plan tomorrow.

Next Day.
Sona and Dev have a huge fight. She goes to her mother’s place and Dev is about to go but Radharani stops him.
Radharani-Dev beta use jaane do 2-3 ghante me aa jayegi.
Dev-aane do use aaj uski kair nahi.
Saying that Dev walks off angrily.
Radharani-Radharani yahi mauka hai Dev ka divorce karke apni pasand ki ladki se shaadi karvale. Tu toh raj karegi raj.
Dev and Sona hear everything and take a video recording of it. Dev and Sona come home very happy. Radharani sees them and gets irked. The whole family(except Radharani and Vicky ofcourse) gather in Dev’s bedroom and see the video. They decide to wait till the evening and remove Radharani and Vicky from the house then.

Precap-Devakshi romance

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