pyaar ki kahaani (KRPKAB) Ep-22


It’s been 1 year since Devakshi’s marriage. Dixit household is fully decorated. It’s Neha and Ranveer’s marriage and Devakshi’s remarriage. Neha is getting ready in her bedroom. Devakshi are getting ready in their room.

Dev-Sona this time we will do everything as per the rituals. Last time we married in a hurry so we couldn’t do all the rituals but this time we will do everything properly.
Sona-yes Dev even I was thinking the same thing. Now I’ll go and see Neha, see you in the mandap.
Dev-come soon.
Sona goes in Neha’s room. Neha sees her.
Neha-bhabhi how do I look?
Sona removes some Kajal from her eyes and puts it behind Neha’s ear to remove the bad eye.
Sona-ki bhalo lagchi.(you look so pretty)
Neha-thanks bhabhi. Even you look pretty.
Sona and Neha go to the mandap and their respective grooms are mesmerized to see them.
Dev (to Sona)-you look so pretty jaan.
Sona (to Dev)-thanks jaan.

The marriages happen without any problem and Neha goes to her in-laws place. Ria and Nikki after sharing a tearful goodbye decorate Devakshi’s room for them. Devakshi play find the ring ceremony to determine who will be the more dominant one (this ritual is there in my religion so I wrote it). Sona finds the ring and everyone gets happy. Sona goes and sits in the room and waits for Dev. Dev is about to go in but Ria and Nikki stop him outside the door.
Nikki-bhaiya you can’t go in so soon.
Ria-yah bhaiya you have to give us money before.
Dev refuses but he is very eager to meet Sona and gives in to their demands. Dev enters his room but does not find Sona there. He sits on the bed and the door closes and bolts. He turns to see Sona in a short dress and he is shocked to see her.
Dev-Sona ye dress?
Sona(sensuously)-shh.. aaj koi baate nahi sirf romance hoga.
Dev-oh really.
Saying that Dev removes his sherwani. Devakshi consummate their marriage.

Next Morning, Sona wakes up all tired and smiles seeing Dev sleeping peacefully. She kisses his cheek and goes to get ready. She comes out wearing a sari(as usual) and sees Dev still sleeping. She shakes him and he wakes up.
Dev-kya hua Sona? Tang mat karo sone do mujhe.
Sona-theek hai tum so jao aur mujhse aaj pura din baat mat karna. Good night.
Sona turns around to go but Dev holds her hand and she falls on him.
Dev-aamhi tomake bhalo baashi.
Sona-aami apanare raga karechi.(I am not sure if it is correct, I used google translate. My sincere apologies to all the Bengali people.)
Dev-Sona yeh bhi badi mushkil se sikha hai ab aapne kya bola voh please translate karengi.
Sona-I meant that I am angry with you.
Dev-why?*makes puppy face* kal intni achchi raat toh di thi.

Precap-Another Surprise

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    i was to use that “aami tumahke bhalo bagchi” in my ff…but i loved it in yours too !!

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