pyaar ki kahaani (KRPKAB) Ep-21


Next Morning.
Dev is sleeping with his head on Sona’s bed. Her hand moves and she wakes up. She sees Dev sleeping and tries to get up. Dev wakes up and sees her.
Dev-Sona what are you doing? You are not getting up.
Sona-why Dev you know I can’t stay at one place.
Just then Sona sees Ishwari coming and puts the cover over her head.
Dev-Sona what are you doing?
Sona-shh…. Maa should not see me like this.
Dev-but why she came to see you when you met with your accident before we got married.
Sona-jaan that time was different. I was her doctor now I am her daughter-in-law.
Sona-jaan it’s embarrassing. Maa is not going to see me like this.
Suddenly Sona starts experiencing chest pain.
Dev-Sona! Are you ok?
Sona starts getting breathless.
Dev-doctor! Nurse!

Doctor comes in and gives Sona an anti-restlessness (I don’t know the name) injection and Sona falls asleep again. Dev caresses her hair.
Dev-jaan I can’t see you like this. Please get well soon.
Dev goes to the washroom to freshen up. He comes out and smiles seeing Sona still sleeping.
Sona wakes up and sees Dev. She smiles.
Dev-how are you feeling?
Sona-better. Why am I in a hospital bed?
Dev-Sona you had a hole in your heart so we had to do a surgery urgently to remove it but you are ok now.
Sona-I’m so sorry Dev. I got you tensed.
Dev-Sona we love each other there is no space for sorry or thank you in our lives.
Sona-yes sir.

Dev hugs Sona. After a few days Sona is discharged from the hospital. When she and Dev reach home they see a welcome home Sona card waiting for them. In the card it was written that Ishwari, Nikki & Ria have gone out and will not be returning until late in the night and all the servants were given a day off. Sona is back to normal. Sona goes inside the kitchen. Dev follows her. Dev hugs her from behind and Sona stares at him. Dev is holding Sona by the waist and they are staring in each other’s eyes. Their foreheads touch and Sona shies away. She goes out of the kitchen and runs to their bedroom. Dev follows her and they romance inside the bedroom.
Dev-jaan I love you really very much.
Sona-jaan I love you too.
They lie down on the bed staring into each other’s eyes. They are holding each other’s hands and they fall asleep. Dev wakes up the next morning and sees Sona sleeping and smiles. Sona wakes up and sees him smiling at her.
Sona-what happened jaan? Why are you smiling?
Dev-I’m smiling looking at you.

Precap-Neha & Ranveer’s marriage,and another Surprise

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  1. i think the surprise is “sona is pregnant 🙂 ….”

  2. 4nshika

    Well written !…i like surprises…! hope it doesn’t turn out to be shock !
    You can write anti-cholinergic as the pill of anti restlessness #thugsofmbbs

  3. wow superb angel…lyked it a lot

  4. Wonderful

  5. Wow nice….finally thank god sona is back to normal

  6. Partho

    Very nice

  7. Chanpreet0815

    Vry nicely written angell. How romantic.but what is surprise. Plzz post ur next updates fast

  8. Nice epi

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