pyaar ki kahaani (KRPKAB) Ep-2


Recap-Sona tells her family she wants to marry Dev.
The episode starts with the shocked faces of Bose Family.
Asha-but how can this happen ….u used to hate him
Sona-but now I love him maa.. I’ve loved him since the time my accident has happened.
Bijoy-but u never told us
Elena & Sorav- actually she told us.
Rest of the family-What??????
Sona- yah…I’ve decided if I am going to get married my husband will be Dev only.
Dadi-I always knew there was some spark between Devakshi
Sona- So do you accept this proposal?
Asha(to Dev)-will you keep my daughter happy?

Dev-yes aunty Sona’s happiness is my happiness.
Asha-I accept the proposal.
Dev and Sona get happy hearing this.
In the morning
Dixit household
Sona comes for her job and searches for Dev. Nikki comes.
Nikki-Sona di what are you searching for or who??

Precap- Sona laughs……….

Credit to: Angell

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  1. Hey it was really nice.. actually not nice..gr88888888?

  2. Very very nice angel keep it up

    1. Thanx partho…..and it’s Angell

  3. Superb Angell…. Post next part soon…..

  4. It was nice Angell. Keep it up.

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