pyaar ki kahaani (KRPKAB) Ep-19

Hey Guys! This is a maha episode. This is the only episode i will be posting this week. Today’s Episode:
Sona-no. no it’s ok
Dev-what ok you were sleeping so peacefully.
Sona-it’s ok Dev. I’m still a little sleepy.
Devakshi sleep together, peacefully.
In the morning.
Dev wakes up before Sona and goes to get ready. He comes out to see Sona still sleeping. He wipes his wet hair in front of her face. She gets up.
Sona-Dev what is this?
Dev-revenge time.
Dev-I’m taking revenge of everything you’ve done to me.
Saying that Dev tickles Sona but unknowingly hits her stomach and she writhes in pain.
Dev-crap I’m so sorry Sona. I didn’t know you got hurt there.
Sona-its ok. Give me the painkiller from the first aid box.
Dev gives her the painkiller. Sona feels better.
Dev-Sona are you ok?
Dev-lets go out on a date today.
Sona-but Dev I have work at home.
Dev-finish off the work early. Either ways you stay here you can complete it later on. Please Sona please.
Dev takes Sona to The Blue Lagoon restaurant which he has booked completely (as per Sona’s Dream before their first date). Devakshi dance and enjoy their evening forgetting all their problems. On the way back home, Sona falls asleep in the car. Dev sees her and smiles but stops smiling thinking about what mamiji did. He thinks he has to remove mamiji from the house before she can hurt Sona more.
Next Day.
Dixit Mansion is getting decorated for some occasion. Ishwari comes there.
Ishwari-bhaiya Do it fast. Engagement ka time ho raha hai.
Neha-maa these clothe are not looking good on me what should I do?
Ishwari-go and tell Sona. She will help you.
Neha-bhabhi help me please.
Sona is wearing a very pretty sari and her hair is open with curls.
Sona-come Neha I will get you ready.
Neha-thanks bhabhi.
Sona makes Neha wear a very pretty sari and compliments on her beauty.
Neha-bhabhi I’m very nervous. Were you so nervous during your engagement?
Sona- nervous? Not at all. If you love someone from you whole soul then you can’t stay without that person for even a minute.
Neha-I do love Ranveer but..
Sona-but he is poor and you don’t want to be poor again right.
Neha-wow bhabhi you can read my mind.
Sona-you call me bhabhi right? You can tell me anything you want. I’m always there to support you, to guide you, to protect you and to help you.
Neha and Sona hug.
Neha and Ranveer’s engagement happens without any problems.
In the night.
Sona-Neha and Ranveer’s engagement happened without any problems right?
Dev is busy thinking about how mamiji tried to kill Sona.
Dev-sorry what?
Sona(concerned)-Dev what happened you look tensed.
Dev-I was just thinking that after some years my sisters will go away from this house.
Sona-everyone needs to go Dev. Even I left my house to stay with you.
Dev-will Neha be happy?
Sona-Dev Neha loves Ranveer she will be happy just like how I’m happy. Leave this what will happen will happen. Lets sleep now I’m very tired.
Dev-ok lets sleep.
Next Morning.
Sona wakes up to find Dev not next to her.
Dev-yah Sona
Sona-where were you?
Dev-in the bathroom.
Dev gets closer to Sona. Sona blushes. Dev leans in for a kiss but Sona shies away and runs inside the bathroom. Dev opens the door and they romance in the bathroom.
Ishwari comes in their room and sees that they are not there. Just then come out of the bathroom with Dev holding Sona in his arms. They are just staring into each other’s eyes. Ishwari sees them and turns around. Ishwari leaves but Dev and Sona don’t notice her. Dev makes Sona lie down on the bed and goes and bolts the door. Dev comes and is on top of Sona and they both are staring into each other’s eyes. He kisses Sona’s forehead. Sona blushes. Dev kisses her cheek, nose and neck. They roll over and now Sona is on top of Dev. She kisses his cheek and goes to get ready. She comes out wearing a pink and Black sari and Dev can’t stop staring at her.
Sona-Dev how do I look?
Sona blushes and goes down.
Ishwari-Sona beta why did you take so much of time?
Sona shies and goes inside the kitchen. Dev comes down and sits for breakfast. Sona comes and gets two plates of breakfast for her and Dev. She sits next to Dev and he holds her hands under the table. She tries to free her hand but is unable to do so. He puts his leg seductively on Sona’s leg. Sona coughs and Dev removes his leg. Sona coughs even harder. Dev gets concerned.

Precap-Sona pukes Blood

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  1. Simplesweety1

    Suspense! Nice Epi 🙂

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      Thanks Simplesweety1

  2. Oh no what happened to sona?

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      No spoilers Ayushi

  3. nice suspence but post soon and love ur romantic episodes:)

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    Y r u only posting one epi dis week

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    Nice one but worried for sona

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  7. Nice episode

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  8. RANdomfANCreationz

    OMG I think sona is suffering from some disease

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      Sorry Fatarajo no spoilers.

  9. Shalini Naicker

    So serious precap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      I have to keep the precap serious or else no one will read my fan fiction. Atleast due to the suspense people will wait for my fan fiction

  10. Nice episode but sad mysterious precap..

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