pyaar ki kahaani (KRPKAB) Ep-18

Dev is in shock after listening about Sona’s second miscarriage.
Doctor-I’m sorry. I guess it’s better if you try for a child after 6 months to 1 year.
Dev thinks how to tell Sona about her miscarriage. Sona is in her ward and Dev is sitting next to her. Sona opens her eyes.
Dev- Sona. How are you feeling?
Sona-Dev how is our child?
Sona starts crying as she realizes that she had a miscarriage.
Dev-Sona control yourself….someone mixed poison in your food that was the reason of your miscarriage. Sona tell me what all did you eat and who gave it to you.
Sona-I had everything which everyone had but…
Dev-but what jaan?
Sona-mamiji gave me prasad for my well being.
Dev thinks how mamiji could do this. Sona is discharged from the hospital. Ishwari sees them.
Ishwari-beta where did you both go? I saw blood on your bed sheet. Is everything ok?
Sona starts crying and goes up.

Dev-Sona! Sona!
Ishwari-Dev what happened?
Dev- maa actually Sona had a miscarriage again because of mamiji. She gave poison to Sona to kill her but our baby got killed instead.
Ishwari-why did bhabhi do this? She killed an innocent child due to her hatred. I will never forgive her. Dev what will we do now? We have to save Sona from her.
Dev-we will catch her red handed. I guess she caused Sona’s first miscarriage also.
Ishwari-even I think the same. Dev now you go to Sona she needs you.
Dev-yes maa.

Dev goes to his room to find Sona crying.
Dev-Sona jaan it’s ok.
Sona-how is it ok Dev this is the second time this is happening to me. Why me?
Dev-it’s ok we have a lot of time for kids. I guess even God wants us to spend some time together and not get busy with kids.
Sona-I guess you are right.
Dev-take some rest now I will sit outside.
Dev-yes jaan.
Sona-will you stay with me?
Dev-of course jaan.
Dev and Sona are sitting on the bed with Sona’s head on Dev’s shoulder. Sona falls asleep on his shoulder. He notices that but does not move as he does not want to disturb her. He moves a little and Sona wakes up.
Dev-I’m so sorry jaan, I woke you up.

Precap-Dev tickles Sona


  1. misbah imdad

    welll your ff is quite interesting i have began yesterday and i was waiting for todays epi ……

    • Angell



      the main reason why i don’t write long episodes is the time because time becomes a problem………….tutions,school,homework,extra study,etc so i’ll try

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