pyaar ki kahaani (KRPKAB) Ep-16


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Today’s episode:
Sona-yes maa I’m ok just feeling a bit nausea tic.
Ishwari-go to the doctor tomorrow and get your check up done. OK?
Sona-yes maa. Good night
Ishwari-Good night beta.
Dev-are you really ok?
Sona-yah..maybe the food wasn’t good tonight.
Next morning.
Sona again wakes up and pukes. Dev wonders what happened to her. Sona comes out.
Dev-jaan get ready we are going to the doctor right now.
Sona-not now.
Dev-yah now this is the third time you are puking.
Sona gets ready. Devakshi go to the doctor.
Dr-congratulations your wife is 3 months pregnant.
Devakshi get happy hearing that. Dev is extra careful this time.
Dev-Sona this time I will make sure that someone is always by your side.
Sona-thanks Dev.
They first call both the families at a restaurant and then reveal the good news.
Elena-jiju don’t worry I will always be by Sona’s side when you are not there.
Dev-thanks Elena.
Next Day.
Dev wakes up and sees Sona still sleeping. He gets up and goes to make breakfast for Sona. When she wakes up she finds Dev waiting for her with coffee and a few slices of sandwiches. Sona is touched by this and her eyes start to well up.
Dev-Sona why are you crying?
Sona-Dev you did everything for me. Why?
Dev-why won’t I do this? You are my wife, the mother of my child, my life and after what all you have suffered why won’t I do this?
Sona-Dev I love you.
Dev-I love you too jaan.
Devakshi hug after having breakfast. Nikki comes there and sees them. Nikki pretends to cough to make them realize that they do not live alone in the house.
Sona-what happened Nikki did you want something?
Nikki- no bhabhi I just came to see if you are awake maa was asking.
Sona-oh yah I have to go down to make food.
Dev-no you are only going to go down and sit no work for you.
Sona-then I will grow fat.
Dev-I will get some novels for you and some stitching material you will not stand for a long time.
Sona-but Dev.
Dev-no buts.

Precap- Sona tells her cravings.

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