pyaar ki kahaani (KRPKAB) Ep-15


Sona is discharged from the hospital. Sona comes home and sees a ‘Welcome Home Sona’ board. Sona remembers she had a miscarriage and runs upstairs crying. Dev goes upstairs and sees Sona crying and consoles her.
Dev-its ok jaan why should we cry for someone who wasn’t even born.
Sona-but Dev this child was our dream.
Dev-who said you can’t have another child? We will just have to work a little hard for that*cupping her face with his hand and wiping her tears with his thumb*
Sona-Dev I don’t think I am ready for it.
Dev-take your own time jaan.
Sona-thanks Dev.
Its night and Dev and Sona are sleeping. Sona is getting restless and wakes up all of the sudden.
Sona(screaming)-leave me!!! Leave me!!!
Dev-Sona! Sona what happened?
Sona hugs Dev and is shivering. She is unable to speak anything.
Dev-Sona what happened?
Sona-I saw a dream that some people were trying to kidnap me and I was fighting them off.
Dev-it’s ok it was just a dream go to sleep.
Sona sleeps hugging Dev.
Dev thinks that he has to take Sona out somewhere so that she will forget about the miscarriage.

Next morning.
Sona wakes up and finds that Dev is not next to her.
Dev comes out of the bathroom.
Dev-yes jaan?
Sona-you are awake so early…..and why is there a bag kept on the table?
Dev-we are going out of station for a couple of days.
Sona-why? I mean your business and maa’s chart
Dev-we will manage that. Go and get ready we have to leave soon.
Dev and Sona go to Goa and enjoy their time there. Devakshi come back and get back to their routine.
After 4 months…
Sona wakes up in the middle of the night and runs to the washroom and throws up. She comes out. Dev is walking in tension.
Dev-Sona are you ok?
Suddenly she goes back in the washroom and pukes again. By the time she comes out Ishwari is waiting.
Sona- Dev why did you wake up maa?
Ishwari-no no beta he didn’t wake me up. I woke up by myself after hearing you bathroom door close. Are you ok beta?

Precap-Sona pukes again

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    OMG I feel so bad for Sona 🙁 I wonder what will happen next I hope Sona is pregnant again this time and no problem will be there also this time

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    Very good…. Post soon…. ?

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    thanks everyone……… sorry Nishi and Fatarjo but no spoilers

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