pyaar ki kahaani (KRPKAB) Ep-14

Dev-yes doctor
Devakshi go to the hospital and get a blood test done.
Dr-Congratulations your wife is carrying your baby.
Dev and Sona look at each other and smile.
Devakshi go home and tell the good news to everyone.
Radharani who had gone to her mother’s place after Natasha’s and Dev’s engagement broke enters and sees Sona there.(she doesn’t hear anything)
Radharani thinks to remove Sona from the house.
Radharani goes.
Devakshi are in their bedroom. Sona is sitting on the bed and Dev has his ear on her tummy.
Dev-thank you jaan for giving me the greatest gift of my life.
Sona-jaan why are you saying this even you gave me the greatest gift of my life.
Dev and Sona hug each other.
Radharani thinks how she will separate the love birds and tells Vicky to create an accident which will cause Sona to die.
Sona tells Dev to drop her to Bose house so that she can tell everyone. Dev agrees.
Bose family gets happy hearing that Sona is Pregnant.
Dev calls Sona and asks her to come outside and then they will go home together.
Sona goes out and sees Dev and waves to him. Vicky comes in his car and hits Sona and goes. Dev sees that Sona has met with an accident and runs to her.
Dev-Sona! Jaan open your eyes!

Sona falls unconscious in Dev’s arms.
Dev takes Sona to the hospital and calls the Bose and Dixit families over there.
Dev-yes Dr…how is my Sona and my child?
Dr-Mr.Dixit, I’m sorry but we could not save your child. Your wife is fine and will be able to carry another child.
Dev is shattered hearing this. He starts crying vigorously. Ishwari consoles him.
Ishwari-Dev control yourself, if you won’t control yourself then who will support Sona? For a mother losing her child is a very big deal. We have to be Sona’s strength now.
Dev hold his emotions. Sona is shifted to a normal ward. Dev sits near Sona. He holds her hand. Sona wakes up.
Dev-yah jaan.
Sona-I’m fine Dev even our child is fine.
Dev’s eyes start to tear up but he controls himself.
Sona-Dev what happened? Is our child fine?
Dev-Sona, you had a miscarriage due to the accident.
Sona starts to cry.
Dev-Sona, jaan please don’t cry.

Precap-Sona starts screaming

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  1. Angel di pls don’t do this?

  2. i fells sad for them??????

  3. So sad 4 Sona..but nowadays it’s a ritual in tv shows dat d heroine will hv a miscarriage..Ishita, twinkle, akshara, etc..

  4. Plz no angell no plzzz

  5. Angell

    i know guys this plot is very sad but my ff focuses only on Dev and Sona, their hurdles in their life so there will be some sad parts and some happy parts. but i’ll try to make some happy parts in the next episods

  6. Bhoomi

    ?? Feeling very sad…. post next one soon…

  7. So sad…..but nice epi

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