pyaar ki kahaani (KRPKAB) Ep-13


Sona’s after wedding rituals happen. She kicks the rice bowl and puts her feet in the kumkum water and walks on a cloth. Sona starts to feel dizzy again. Dev holds her. Dev and Sona go to his room. Sona sits on the bed waiting for Dev and falls asleep. Dev arrives and sees Sona sleeping. He makes her lie down and covers her with a blanket. Dev sleeps beside her.
Next morning.
Sona sees Dev and smiles. She gets up and goes to get ready. She comes out of the bathroom in a sari with wet hair and thinks to trouble Dev. She goes near him and moves her hair over his face. He wakes up and sees Sona in the sari. He gets mesmerized by her beauty.
Sona- Good Morning jaan.
Dev- Good Morning.
Sona- get ready fast as we have to do some more rituals.
Dev- what about the first night ritual.*pulls Sona near him by her waist*
Sona-that will happen in the night only. *pushing Dev*
Dev gets ready and Devakshi go down together.
Ishwari-good you both came down. Dev go and drop Sona to the Bose house.
Sona-it is a ritual.
Dev-do you have to go.
Ishwari-Dev when you go to office drop her and pick her up when you come back from office.
The day is over and Devakshi come back home.
Ishwari-how was pagphere ki rasam(the reason why Sona had gone to Bose house).
Sona-achchi thi maa.
Ishwari-you must be tired go and take some rest.
Devakshi-yes maa.
Devakshi go to their room together. The room is fully decorated. Dev picks up Sona in his arms.
Sona-Dev did you do this.
Dev-yes. I came home early decorated the room and then came to pick you up.
Sona-how sweet of you Dev.
Dev-now it is night time also and we are married also.*pulling Sona by the waist*
Devakshi consummate their relation.
After a 6 months of their marriage.
Sona wakes up in the morning, gets ready and goes down in the kitchen. She prepares the breakfast and everyone come to the dining table to eat. Water in the jug is over and Sona goes to get it. On the way, Sona faints and falls to the ground.
Dev picks up Sona and takes her to the bedroom. A doctor arrives and examines Sona.
Dr- can you get Mrs.Dixit to the hospital for a blood test to find out why she fainted.
Precap-Radharani enters Dixit household

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  5. It was good Angell.


    Nice episode but precap radharani uhhhhh but let’s wait and read?

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