pyaar ki kahaani (KRPKAB) Ep-12


Sona-ok I will tell this to Dev.
Elena-fine come home we are already home ok?
Sona-yah fine.
Sona cuts the call.
Dev-what happened? What did Elena say?
Sona-we have to get married within a month or wait for a year to get married.
Dev gets happy to hear that.
Dev-that means after a month we both will be together.
Devakshi go and tell this to the whole family.
Ishwari-in so less time how will everything happen.
Nikki-maa don’t worry I am there na.
After 2 weeks.

Ishwari-work fast we don’t have time.
Servants-yes ma’am.
Neha-maa go and get ready you are the groom’s mother you have to look good.
Ishwari-I’ll just go.
Bose family arrives.
Ishwari- Namaste samdhi ji samdhan ji.
Asha & Bijoy- Namaste.
Ishwari-meri bahu kahaan hai?
Sona comes over there looking very pretty.
Dixit sisters-wow bhabhi you are looking very pretty.
Neha-bhaiya will be mesmerized to see you.
Sona-very good Neha looks like Ranveer is helping you a lot.
Neha-yes bhabhi.
Sona-now tell me where is your bhaiya.
Nikki-bhabhi you can’t meet him now. Directly in the mandap.
Sona gets eager to meet Dev.
On the other hand Dev is escaping to see Sona. But Bunty catches him.
Bunty- where are you going?

Dev-to see Sona.
Bunty-you will meet her soon.
Dev-how much more time.
Bunty-5 mins.
Dev is waiting for Sona in the mandap. Sona comes there looking very beautiful. Dev can’t staring at her. Ria sees him and tells him that bhabhi ko buri nazar mat lago. Dev doesn’t listen to her.
Dev and Sona take the 7 nuptial rounds(phere). Sona’s bidaai happens. Dev gets hurt seeing his lady love cry. Dev consoles her.
Sona-Dev let me cry let the tears roll.
Dev hugs her. Sona cries her heart out.

Precap-consummation scene

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  1. Nice episode but a little big one next tym

  2. Simplesweety1

    awesome! hey plz do read my first ff that also on devakshi its name is kya ma manengi ? …… a devakshi ff .. thx the first 6 epi’s are uploaded ..

  3. Inna chhotu as episode!!?

  4. Angell

    Sorry guys! But I can’t reveal everything in one episode right.

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