pyaar ki kahaani (KRPKAB) Ep-11


Dev wakes up and sees the sunlight disturbing Sona and shifts the curtains. Dev stares at Sona lovingly and kisses her forehead. Dev while caressing(gentle stroke) her hair touches her forehead and finds it very hot. He panics.
Sona wakes up hearing him shout.
Sona-Dev what happened.*gets up and sits on the bed*
Dev-jaan lie down.
Dev-you have fever.
Ishwari-what happened Dev?
Dev-maa see if Sona has fever.
Dev gets relieved.
Sona-see I didn’t have fever*touching his face* but you do. Dev take rest I’ll make soup for you.
Dev-but you also have to take rest.
Sona-I’ll make soup for you and then take rest.
Sona goes and makes soup for Dev.
Sona-Dev your soup is ready.*sees Dev sleeping*I’ll give it to him when he wakes up.
Dev wakes up.
Sona comes to see if he’s awake and sees him from afar.
Dev-jaan why are you waiting there come and sit next to me and take rest.
Sona-I will get soup for you first.
Dev-come fast.
Sona gets soup for him. Dev takes a sip and makes a face.
Dev-Sona what is this? It is so bitter.
Sona-this soup will make you fine. Come on have this fast.
Sona-fine if you don’t have this soup I will not take rest I will go and play badminton with Nikki, go shopping with Neha, go for poojas with maa and go to office with Ria.
Dev-no no I’ll have this soup but on one condition.
Dev-you will feed me.
Sona-if you will have this soup then I will feed you like a baby.
Sona’s phone rings
Sona-hello? Elena where are you?
Elena-Sona we had gone to the priest to get your and jiju’s marriage date fixed. U both have to get married within a month or else there is no good date until 1 year.
Precap-Ishwari is scolding the servants

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  1. means marriage track soon r8??

  2. devakshi marrying great!

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    wow nice devakshi marriage 🙂

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