pyaar ki kahaani (KRPKAB) Ep-10


Dev and Sona go inside the Doctor’s cabin
Dr-please sit.
Dev and Sona sit.
Dr-there is no problem in her reports just the fact is that she needs some rest and does not take too much of stress.
Devakshi-thank you dr.
Dev-see jaan I told you everything would be alright. Now let’s get you home.
Sona (sounding sad)-home.
Dev-what happened jaan?
Sona-actually I was thinking since you have taken a day off to be with me… we could go out on a long, romantic drive.
Dev-I didn’t think of that at all.
Sona-so should we go?
Dev-yeah sure.
Devakshi go for a long drive while Sab Tera from Baaghi plays in the background.
They return late in the night. They find Sona’s house locked.
Sona-where did everyone go?
Dev-call them and see.
Sona tries calling everyone but no one picks up the call.
Sona-now what should we do?
Dev-come and stay at my/our house.
Sona-I don’t think this is right …I mean we just got engaged and I just stay in your house like this I don’t think it is right.
Dev-it is your house also now…you can sleep with neha, nikki, ria, maa or maybe even with me
Dev-just kidding you can sleep in a separate room which is above my room so we both can be close enough.
Sona-but I have keys of this house also…I can stay here.
Dev- if light goes then..
Sona-lets go to your house but first let me take some clothes.
Devakshi go to Dixit household.
Ishwari-Sona beta are you fine?
Sona-yes maa I’m fine I just need a little bit of rest.
Sona starts to feel giddy again.
Dev-lets go Sona you need rest.
Sona is unable to walk.
Dev picks her up in his arms and takes her to his room and puts her on his bed.
Sona falls asleep.
Dev sits next to her and falls asleep after some time because even he was exhausted.

precap- Dev calls out for Ishwari

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  1. Partho

    Lovely episode very nice angel

  2. Is sona is okay?i feel something is wrong and the doctor is lying…because even after they went to the doctor..sona felt she okay?

  3. Bhoomi

    Nice episode Angel…?

  4. I’m sure there’s some twist awaiting us..

  5. Smileflakes

    Nice episode

  6. Agree with u nishi n aarti… Anyways nice episode

  7. Short and sweet episode…..

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