pyaar ki kahaani (KRPKAB) Ep-1

Recap- dev goes to meet sona

Dev- Miss Sonakshi Bose…….will you marry me?
Sona- Mr.Dixit tumi ekdum impossible
Dev- Miss Bose i still don’t understand Bengali
Sona- Its Mrs.Dixit
Sona- Hey Kaali Mata……I meant yes i will marry you
Dev puts the ring in her finger and hugs her.

Sona- but before that I want to tell you something
Dev-tell me
Sona- Dev …..I LOVE YOU
Dev- Engagement hone ke baad bol rahi hai
Sona-now how will we tell this to our families?
Sona-what happened?
Dev tells what all happened at the engagement.
Sona- then your family already knows what about my family?
Dev- lets go and talk to them now

They enter her house.
Sona- Maa….Baba….Dada….Elena….Dadi…..come fast
Asha (sona’s mum)-ki holo?(what happened)
Bijoy(sona’s dad)-Mr.Dixit what are you doing over here at this time?….Is your mother ok?
Dev-Yes uncle,maa is fine just…
Dev and Sona look at each other.
Sona(showing her left hand with the engagement ring)-we want to get married
Everyone is shocked.

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  1. Short n sweet episode..luv d way sona said yes to Dev’s proposal

    1. Thanks Aarti

  2. nice

  3. Lovely…waiting for this scene to be telecasted on television 🙂 try to make it a bit longer…

  4. lovelly??

  5. Like the way how Sona says its Mrs. Dixit.

  6. silent reader


  7. Angel very good

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