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Hi guys! I’m new here and i am a die hard fan of KRPKAB! I’ve read a few fan fictions before and finally decided to write one. Plz share your views for changes in my storyline or any improvements. Sone information about me, I’m in 10th grade so i may not be regular but will try to be frequent. Lets move on to the fan fiction.

It’s the engagement venue. Dev is about to put the ring in natasha’s finger but he stops suddenly. He tells thst he can’t get engaged to natasha bcoz he loves somebody else. Gujral says he can’t do this and if he goes from here the deal is cancelled. Dev says he doesn’t care about the deal as he would get better deals than one which trades with twi people’s lives.Dev announces he’s in love with sona and will get married to her only. Ishwari tells him to follow his heart.He goes to the bose household n calls sona outside. She sees him and asks him wat he is doing here. He takes a ring out of his pocket, bends down on one knee and proposes to her. Sona is shocked

Precap: dev asks sona if she will marry him?
Sorry for the short episode as i have to study.

Credit to: Angell

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  1. Wow awesome

  2. Awesome, make it longer pls…

  3. Awesome..if not on show atleast in your ff dev refused to marry nats..hehe

  4. Superb.. Post next part soon..

  5. Nice start.. Make it longer next time..amazing one..

  6. Thank you everyone for ur support…. I’ll try to post a bigger one today

  7. Koi baat nahi angel nice episode keep it up and good luck for this yr as you are in grade 10

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