Pyaar Ki Intizaar (Part 3)

I felt so encouraged to continue thanks here’s the FF

Shivaay:ANIKA what happened someone get water quick
Tia:Oh my gosh Robin call the doctor!
Pinky:Thanks this girls is gone
Omru:Shivaay I think calling the doctor here won’t help she’s not breathing we need to the take her to emergency
Shakti:Yes beta
(In the hospital)
Doctor:Everyone please leave her
Shivaay:Kya Hua
(Shivaay starts crying)
Rudy:Bro don’t worry bhabhi will feel better soon
Shivaay:Why does she do this to me every time
Om:See bro you know how Anika Bhabhi loves us so much she loves you to
(Omru crys with Shivaay)
Om:See because you we are crying

(Tej comes)
Tej:What happened Khanna told me to come here but why wait where is Anika?
Jhanvi:In the emergency
Tia:Yes because of me
(Tia tells the story)
Tej:Look Tia you are not at fault no one is maybe that doll has something
(Shivaay try’s to recall but can’t)
Shivaay:Bari Papa I can’t remember anything
Robin:You know maybe something happened before she even came to Oberoi Mansion
Bhavya:That could be right but according to rule number 41 c75 there is nothing that says someone cant remember something from happening when they were ages 5 and younger
Rudy:Yes can you plz stop that language
Doctor:She is better now but needs rest but only one person can see her she is clearly in a state of shock but send someone who is important to her so they can talk to her so we know why this happened
Everyone:Shivaay go

(Shivaay goes in Anika’s room and is crying)
Anika:Shivaay where were you
Shivaay:Why did you leave me alone
Anika:I don’t know
Shivaay:What’s in the doll and when you see it you are scared please tell me
Anika:Wait,remember the time when you saved me I was crying so much you came to my house and Sahil wasn’t at home
Anika:WAIT it is Dak
Shivaay:WHAT That means he is back!
Anika:Where are you going please don’t leave me!
Shivaay:I need to tell Khanna see the the Cctv camera footage about how that doll came here don’t worry I will be back
(Shivaay gets out of the room and everyone asks where he is going and he says Daksh is back)

Recap:Hello Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi don’t try to over smart me I am back and after your love.

Note:Do you want Somuya to be in the FF?

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