Pyaar Ki Intizaar (Part 6)

I AM SUPPER DUPPER SORRY I AM POSTING LATE PLEASE BEAR WITH ME moving stuff all around the house so let’s go on the episode.

Somuya:Rudra can I talk to you privately
Somuya:Before anything happens I know Bhavya called me and she told me that she is here in Oberoi mansion as your “Fake Wife”.
Rudy:I was gonna tell you that
Somuya:I know Bhavya is like your best friend so don’t worry about me I have no worries about any of that.
(They hug)
Om:Gauri come I need to give you something
Gauri:What you always tell me I will give you something but you end up giving me some weird advice with your poems okay quickly tell me
Om:Here this is your birthday gift I know your Birthday is Tomorrow but I couldn’t help waiting so here this is you gift

(Gauri opens is and it’s a diamond bracelet and necklace they there names where on the bracelet)
Gauri:Why did you do all this its not necessary it’s just a birthday.
Om:I know but you are special to me it is really important to complete my duty well it’s late you better sleep
Gauri:Thank you Omkara good night
(Scene in Shivika’s room)
Shivaay:Let’s go
Shivaay:Just come
Anika:It’s late are you crazy
Shivaay:Seriously why do you always have to stretch the story just come
(Shivaay lifts Anika and takes her on his arms into the car)
Anika:Stop this what are you doing where are we even going!
Shivaay:Be quiet I am not a kidnaper I am your husband I have the right I am Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi and no one can stop me
Anika:Okay at least tell me where are we going?
Shivaay:It’s a surprise
Anika:Really it has to be a kidnitor one
Shivaay:better than that
(They reach to a beach with lots of lights)
Anika:What’s all this
Shivaay:Beautiful right?
(Shivaay has been mesmerized by her beauty her smile was worth millions)
Anika:Thanks Shivaay

(Anika hugs him)
Shivaay:Do you know why I choice this place it’s because it’s near the water it will remind us that our love was made with water and fire combined I was the fire the old Billu Ji and you were always my kidnitor kubsurat Anika I loved you for that and that combination was the worst at first but then the water melt my fire and made it into love.
Anika:I just didn’t know one thing why did I ignore you when you would annoy me
Shivaay:It was destiny Anika I got married to you by blackmailing you I realized this was a pile of junk I put on to you I use to not accept that marriage now I do but I still don’t think it was fair.I want to make it official I was into with everything about I was holding this back I LOVE YOU I AM JUST CRAZY IN LOVE WITH YOU!
(Shivika came close to each other and there lips touched and they were holding there breaths not letting each other go as there lips were dancing together then Anika finally let go and was blushing as she turned back)
Shivaay:Soo did you like my surprise?

Precap: Anika:Wake up Shivaay,Rudra called me and told us to come quick today is Gauri’s birthday party.


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