Pyaar Ki Intizaar (Part 5)

Was a little confused if I should continue but thanks for the people who is there to support me lets go on the episode

Khanna:Shivaay Sir I know how this happened but this footage only comes from the entrance when Tia left the gift on the table to fix her heels someone called Robin so he left and started talking with someone Daksh was behind that table and putted that doll in the box.
Shivaay:I know this man he can do any cheap thing to take revenge anyhow please Khanna locate where he is currently
Khanna:Sure sir and is Anika bhabhi okay?
Shivaay:Yes she is
(Shivaay gets in his car and gets a message by Khanna locating where Daksh is and drives there)
Daksh:Hello Hello where ever you are!
Shivaay:I know exactly where you are! You are after me
Daksh:I know it’s very sad that Shivaay Singh Oberoi can defeat Daksh but I think you are thinking I am a fool well SSO you miss understood because I am after your love
Shivaay:And maybe you are thinking I am a fool to think you can defeat me and my wife also we are 100 times better than you.Hope this is enough I am not taking you back to jail just try to come closer into OM then you will understand what Reputation is
(Shivaay leaves)
Doctor:Anika is feeling better now she is recharged out of the hospital but please keep her safe and away from tension
Tia:Thanks Doctor!
Priyanka:Thank god!
Robin:Rudy call the driver to park the car near the hospitals entrance
(They all go home)
Pinky:Ugh whats wrongs with this mannerless girl she stills afters my Shivaay
Tej:Hello pinky but I think I heard something wrong could you just shut up you have to understand that Anika is Oberoi Mansions Bahu
Pinky:Don’t need yours lectures
Tej:Okay just like what you said
Shivaay:Anika I am sorry that I left you
Anika:It’s okay but where were you was everything alright and I need to get ready for the puja tomorrow
Shivaay:Are you crazy out of your mind we canceled it because you were sick and the doctor said you can’t work in the house for 1 month because of tension
Anika:Please let me go ouch!
Shivaay:What are you doing you want to hurt yourself again
Anika:Okay then read me a story about your childhood I really haven’t knew you that time please tell me one so I can go to sleep

Recap:Shivaay:Somuya is coming back from Australia!.Anika:Priyanka I need your help!

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      Sorry I made a mistake and posted this part twice so here is the correct part for part 5 here’s the link

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    Sorry I made a mistake and posted this part twice so here is the correct part for part 5 here’s the link

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