Pyaar Ki Intizaar (Part 5 correct)

I AM REALLY SORRY I uploaded the last episode 2 times was a mistake well I hope you enjoyed my FF’s so far will continue Pyaar Ki Intizaar until 20 parts

Shivaay:I will tell you one about my first crush
Anika:Yeah I bet you are trying to make me jealous nice way to do that
Shivaay:No I am serious I was insane for her but I never really knew her proper name
Shivaay:So it started in Grade 8 she came in the middle of school from a different school
Anika:Wait I also came from a different school in grade 8 and the middle of the year that’s weird
Shivaay:She was in my math class during I believe 11:00am in block 3
Anika:This is weird
Shivaay:She had wavy hair and brown eyes and she never wore makeup she came to school with pure skin but the beauty.I met her right after class on her first day to welcome her she was so funny after that we met sometimes after school to talk and she use to say call me Anu the first week then every week she said to call me a different name
Shivaay:What’s you?

Anika:We met a long time ago but never remembered each other
Shivaay:WOW so really you were my crush and now my wife
Anika:But did you seriously like me?
Shivaay:Yes how can I not like my princess
(Shivaay started moving closer and Anika took steps back until she hit a wall and kisses her forehead then they hugged so stunningly will full power as they squeezed each other then Shivaay lifted her up and put her to bed then Shivaay got a call)
Khanna:It’s me sir I have got some news in the cctv camera Daksh has entered OM and then Robin was there and Robin told him to get out.
Shivaay:Don’t worry Khanna he won’t even be able to come a bit closer to my family
(The next morning)
Shivaay:Everyone come we need to have a family meeting
Everyone:Why is everything okay
Shivaay:Yes but first of all I got a call from Somuya and she will be coming back from Australia today and should be coming any minute.
Somuya:Hey everyone I am back
(Rudy in his mind says I am sorry Somuya please don’t think Bhavya is my wife you are and I realized that)
Bhavya:Hey Somuya I heard a lot about you from Rudra
Somuya:Rudy I hope Bhavya knows your bad habits
Rudy:I know that she knows and is very picky about it

Recap:Shivaay:I love you I just am just crazy in love with you Anika!

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