Pyaar Ki Intizaar (Part 2)

Thanks for the comments on my first FF lets go on the episode

Shakti:Where were you Anika
Anika:I am so sorry I didn’t eat breakfast so I ate it
Shakti:No beta nothing like that you should have ate
Pinky:I know this lady has no manner
(Shakti whispers into Pinkys ears don’t say these nonsense things she should have ate in fact you should have been telling Anika you are her in laws)
Anika:I think I should leave I need to talk to Shivaay
Bhavya:Rudra why are you looking at the girls over there
Rudy:Why is it a problem
Bhavya:YES it is
Rudy:Chill Rudy I did that on purpose to make you jealous
(Bhavya walks away annoyed)
Anika:Shi Shivaay what’s all this?
Shivaay:Ha mere Biwi is saying this as if we never got married here I brought you your engagement ring it fell near our bed
(Shivaay was gonna give it but then doesn’t he holds her hands softly and kisses it very gently)
Anika:What’s all this it’s like you done this on purpose
Shivaay:What if I did?
(Shivaay puts Anika’s engagement ring back on and holds her neck gently and kisses it then hears Rudys voice)
Rudy:Mera bro becomes so romantic at times he needs to teach me that
Om:Shut up we don’t want them knowing we’re here
(Shivaay sees them and moves away from Anika she wonders why then Shivika turns towards the door and sees Omru laughing)
Shivika:Omru what are you doing?
Omru:What were you doing?
Shivaay:Nothing what would we do just giving her engagement ring back it fell what’s the problem about that
Omru:Holding them
(Shivika leave hands)
Tia:Hello everyone!
(Everyone come to the main hall)
Anika:Hi Tia how’s the baby?
Tia:Oh it’s fine but kicks so much feel it
(Anika says to herself I wonder how it feels she gently touches Tia stomach and feels it then removes her hand)
Shivaay:Anika kya hua felt something?
(Anika blushed)
Note:Tia and Robin’s ship name is TiaRo
Tiaro:Look Priveer I have a gift for your marriage
(Priveer open it and has there mouths open)
Priveer:What’s this
Tia:Come on I bought you jewelry Priyanka and Ranveer I got you and nice watch what’s the problem?
Priveer:It’s a weird scary doll
Tia:What! Robin did you do something?
(Robin lifts the doll up for everyone to see then Anika faints)

Recap:Shivaay:ANIKA WHO DID THIS! Anika:Him
Shivaay:WHO HIM?

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