Pyaar Ki Intizaar (Part 1)

Hey guys this is my first FF sorry for grammar thanks for everyone inspiring me to start this lets stop talking and here it is.

Shivaay:Anika where are you?
Anika:Find me
Shivaay:Come on why this morning!
Anika:You know why
Shivaay:Sure sure it’s
(Anika comes out behind the curtains)
Shivika:It’s Priyankas wedding!
Anika:And yes we have Ranveers shoe haha
(Anika runs down the hall and gives the shoe to Gauri)
Gauri:Anika I was about to drop the sweets
Jhanvi:What’s all this come on Rudy is not even ready and where is Om?
Rudy:I am here mom!
(Rudy running down the stairs)

Jhanvi:What were you doing it took so long!
Bhavya:Aunty don’t worry we was busy working out and then sits in the shower forever singing songs.
Rudy:Shut up!
Gauri:Yes Om is coming in a couple of minutes he had to take a art work to the office
Shivaay:Where’s my beauty
Bhavya:Look Your beauty is right in front of you
(Shivaay has his eyes memorized at her elegance at everything)

Anika:Hello Billu ji but you forgot your Kali coffee this morning maybe that’s why your mouth is open.
Sahil:Anika di I need to talk to you privately come here
Anika:What is so private
Sahil:Shivaay made you Aloo Puri and has a letter for you come to the kitchen
Anika:Wow SSO starting caring for me this much
(Anika in her mind is thinking hmm what will be written in that letter)
Anika:It’s so yummy!
(After she finished eating she unfolded the letter and it said)
My very loving Anika you should know who I am oh let me say I am your Billu ji.Hope you enjoyed you favourite Aloo Puri made by my hands.I knew that your food wasn’t the best you brought me burnt food but I still love you even if you fed me burnt food.I want to tell you that after Priyankas marriage I have a surprise for you come to our room 10pm sharp I’ll will be waiting-Shivaay

Recap:In Oberoi mansion Tia comes with Robin and gifts Priveer.They open it and Priveer has there mouth open wide.

Note:Please give me feedback good or bad will help me improve.

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  1. Aastha_Reddy

    Oh bete ki!! Aloo Puri made by Shivaay Bhaiyya. Yummy tasty!!! just like your story.

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    Yes I know the next episode will come out next morning be sure to read it once again THANK U!

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    Superb update

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    Amazing Shivika is cute?, but bhavya?

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    It is nice one dear… Excited for next update

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    Awesome yaar… Loved part.. excited for the next part.. post it soon

  7. Amazinggg epi….. Eagerly waiting 4 nxt…

  8. awesome
    update soon

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    Is much comments thanks!

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    I’m new here thought to read a fresh story and it very much awesome

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