pyaar ki intehaan(tanshi yuvani) episode 16

Hello guys this s me jenny with the 16th episode of my ff pyaar ki intehaan ………guys thank u sooo much for ur support today I will include ishveer in this ff …not only today but for some episodes this is especially for ishveer fans….for this special episodes I need ur support all yuvani ishveer and tanshi fans both commenters as well as silent readers should comment…..

Yuvi and tanu are standing outside kalhaar house…actually both r really scared…..after 10 yrs they r going to there childhood house…….suddenly the door opens………….lata opens the door…lata sees yuvi and tanu lata becomes so happy …lata hugs yuvi and tanu
Lata:yuvi tanu bachon …its been so long that I have seen u both I am really happy…..(lata cries with happiness)
Inside kalahaar house…..
There is a very beautifull room in which a very beautifull girl is sitting..who is getting ready for her roka…she puts kajal,liner,bangles,earings,makeup,she looks herself in the mirror….her complete face is not shown she turns opposite to the mirror she looks very beautifull…… she was wearing a cream and red lehenga ..with full of embroyidary designs..bangles were also in the colour of blue and cream…..and that girl is none other than ishaani shrivastav…..if a question arises who is more beautifull in the sisters suhani and ishani then it is a really tough question……
Outside the house
Lata:come yuvi and tanu come bachon….
Three of them get inside
Lata:pankaj ji rano bhabhi raj bhaisab yuvi aur tanu aagaya…………….
Ishani hears this announcement…she runs with happiness to see yuvi and tanu…..she comes down the stairs…after seeing yuvi and tanu……..ishanis eye becomes full of tears……she runs and hugs yuvi and tanu
Ishani:yuvi tanu 10 saal ke baad aarahi hon I wont talk to ahhhhh u go idiots(tears with happiness)
Yuvi and tanu in chorus:sorry di
Yuvi:di u r getting married great..
Ishani:if u both wouldn’t have come na I wouldn’t have married……my happiness is incomplete without u both
Tanu:that’s wht we have come di for u…we want to see u happy…..khushi khushi we will celebrate ur marriage di…..
Ishani:thank u for coming
Yuvi:no formality…vaise u r looking stunning di…wow agar main aapse thodi bhada hota so I would have fallen for u
Ishani:enough enough makhan lagana band karo….aur chalo I want to talk to u about a lot of things …u both come na
Yuvi tanu and ishani goes to ishanis room…
In Mumbai
Rishi:suhani aren’t u happy u won the trophy …rishi always keeps his word..salute madam…
Suhani:(not so happy)haan rishi thank u
Rishi:kya hua suhani why r u gloomy
Suhani:u know rishi why I am sad…gloomy
Rishi:because of yuvi…suhani there is something else which u r keeping away from me right…tu usse sirf bachpan mein jo hua uski vajah se gussah nahi hain….balki kuch aur hain jo tum mujhse chuppa raheho… I right??
Suhani:aisa kuch nahi hain u r thinking more ……and pls don’t ask me anything about this again pls…mere kasam…
Rishi:filhal I wont ask u anything…well pack ur bag we have to leave from here…….
Suhani:we will go tomorrow pls…….mein dhak gaya hoon
Rishi:ammu tu pagal hein its di’s roka today…and if we didn’t go tum janthi ho……she will feel bad ammu…
At that time ishani calls
Rishi:look di is calling whtever u want to tell u tell her directly ..
Rishi takes d call
Rishi:hello di
Ishani:hello rishi where is suhani
Rishi:she is standing next to me…I will put the call in speaker…
Rishi makes d call in speaker….
Rishi:tell di
Ishani:guys my roka is at 5:00pm its 11:30 now get d flight and come….dont be late…
Suhani:di I really tired after d game I will come tomorrow pls di
Ishani:suhani tu pagal do u know how much I am tensed mujhe toh kitne darr lag raha hein……this marriage is happening only because of u …aur tum…u r leaving me alone…
Suhani:sab hena di
Ishani:sab hein but tu nahi he haina ….pls suhani I want u and rishi to be present in all my marriage functions…..pls suhani pls
Suhani:fine fine di agle flight hi pakkadenge..and if flight is not there i will add 2 wings and I will fly and come happy??
Ishani:haan vaise teri match kaisa tha suhani???
Rishi:wht do u think….obviouly suhani have won….
Ishani:wow congrats…….mummy papa chacha chachi yuvi tanu…..suhani match mein jeeth gayi
Suhani gets tunned that yuvi and tannu reached Allahabad
Suhani:di wht did u tell yuvi and tanu..matlab they came…
Ishani:haan suhani
Rishi gets happy….
Ishani:I will phone to mummy
Lata:hello beta congrats……
Suhani:thank u mamma
Pankaj:congrats beta I knew that my suhani itself will win…
Suhani:thank u papa…
Yuvi hears ishani telling that suhani won…yuvi comes out…
Ishani:suhani yuvi agaya tumse baath karne keliye baath karna..
Ishani gives d phone to yuvi….
Suhanis heart started beating……no words were coming out of eithers mouth…
Suhani:thank u ..
Before yuvi could speak something else ishani takes mobile from yuvi..
Ishani:suhani u r getting late …..take a flight na u can talk to everyone when u come
Rishi:then ok di
Suhani:bye di
Ishani:bye rishi bye suhani..
The phone cuts
Rishi goes to pack suhanis and his clothes..suhani sits there on the bed..thinking about yuvi after some time she gets into sense….
Both rishi and suhani gets ready to go ..they reach d airport…they enter d flight…..
The screen freezes
Yuvani and tanshi meeting and some ishveer moments…
Guys this was the meeting u wished for long finally it is happening….

Credit to: Jenny


  1. Gunj

    Wow..what a part…jenny u r u know i cn feel yuvani pain in ur writing..plsss upload ur nxt part now so that we cn read it by tmrrw..coz tellyupdates takes lot of time to update ur ff..plsss its a rqst…cnt wait to read nxt part jenny…so so so excited..

  2. Very much excited to see their meet. Can’t hv patience to wait. Bt I know I hv to wait for ur nxt update. Bt it’s okay, I vill eagerly wait for ur nxt episode. & as always ur today’s episode was wow!!! 🙂

  3. Saraj

    Dude upload the next epi as fast as possible………
    By the way todays epi wassssssss superb…….

  4. Bahashta

    Wow it’s really good, & plz plz plz post next part soon cuz I can’t wait for yuvani meeting!!!!!!!!

  5. U rocked jenny and plz make suhani look stunning and gorgeous and make her wear western clothes also plz don’t make her like bekhanji type girl and its a humble request my dear friend…and u r the best?? ? ?

  6. ruby

    helllo Aparna even girls wearing traditional dress like behenji looks beautiful. My favourite is Anarkali but i dont wear traditional dress so often i dont feel comfortable in it but we look so gorgeous in it thats why sometime i love it…….. Wow Jenny today episode is woderful dear. Keep Rocking!! hahaha

  7. Gunj

    Jenny sorry for irritating u by my ques..but i really want to know..kya tmne nxt epi upload kr diya..? Plss if not..upload it dear..coz i really want to read nxt part..

    • Jenny

      Sis…actually tellyupdates is showing problem….so…i couldnt upload it……but as d problem gets over i will upload it…

  8. Gunj

    What!! Jenny did d problem is over? Hv u uploaded f nxt part..we all desperately waiting for yuvani meeting…plss try to upload ff soon dear..

    • Jenny

      Gunj i am really trying but d problem is not yet over when d problem will get over i will quickly publish…next part…

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