pyaar ki intehaan (tanshi, yuvani and ishveer) episode 41 Ishveer Special

Hi everyone i am jenny with the 41st episode of my ff pki guys i am really sorry for this delay but i promise i will update twise a week.all ishveer fans today is the last episode of ishveer and todays episode contain the most ishveer scenes through this episode i think all of u will be happy today all ishveer fans have to comment as well others……
The marriage is completely over ishani was partially happy and partially sad….. Now it was time for her bidaai …… Suhani and tanu hugs ishani and cries…… Ishani tells bye to everyone…. With tears got into the car and went with rv….. Seeing tanu crying rishi goes and hugs her….. Tanu hugs him back….. Seeing this suhani felt a bit sad….. Suhani felt why yuvi was still angry….
At vaghela house…. Ishani s grihapravesh….
Amba:ishani beta move the Kalash of rice and come in
Ishani:fine maji..
Ishani did as amba said and came in she kept her foot in kumkum thaal and came in after two steps ranveer took ishani in his arms….she felt shy
Ishanis pov
I didnt know wht feeling i had i was shy as well as a bit tensed ranveer was Holding me in his arms i could actually hear his heartbeat we were that close he was constantly looking at me i tried hard to supress my smile
Rv pov
I knew she was hiding her smile even i was i was waiting for this day since 3 yrs….i wanted to express my love to her…today will be our best night…..
Meri aashiqui tum hi ho plays….
Rv keeps ishani on bed and slowly moves her shawl away she was feeling shy ….rv kissed her forehead she hugged him ….rv smiled and hugged her back ….
Rv:ishani i am the happiest man i cant express u how happy i am today i love u….
Hearing these words tears flew down her eyes….
Ishani:even i am very happy ranvi i love u too…..
Rv comes close to her he was about to kiss her she pushes him and runs he Runs back of her …he holds her and they both fall into the bed….rv was above ishani …..he slowly kisses her cheeks….ishani closed her eyes he kisses her on her eyes ……he comes close to her and removes her waist jwellery he moves his fingers through her waist and kisses her waist..she felt ticklish he removes her bangles and kisses her hands ….
Ishani pov
I was really happy that i got ranvi and tonight there will be no distance between us….
Rv runs his fingers through her neck he kisses her neck…. ishani kisses his cheeks then his forehead then eyes …..and went on kissing him….he slowly moves his hands he slowly removes her palu….he went on kissing her neck and waist ishani was moving her hand through his hair…..then he slowly removes his sherwani he then unties her dori and removes her blouse she Slowly covered herself with blanket he kisses her on her neck for a long time ….then finally he kisses her lips …..she also reacts back to his kiss …they kiss for a long time slowly he also enters the blanket ….
Rvs pov
I didnt know wht had happened to me i could feel a taste in her lips so sweet i wasnt ready to leave the lips …..because it was attracting me ….
Ishanis pov
We had a long lip lock ….but i couldnt end it as it is true that i was waiting for this moment for a long time….
Slowly he covered the blanket completely around us then wht happend was a dream i enjoyed each and every moment….of this night…..

After some time ishanis head was lying on his chest she was partially in blanket ..she was hugging him….
Rv:ishani i will always love u like this i Promise i wont hurt u….will u love me the same way..
The episode freezes on ishveers face…
Suhani and yuvi have a quarrel…


  1. duvaraksha

    Loved it dr nice but y r u ending ISHVEER scene but nice and loved it sooooooooooooooo much dr

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