pyaar ki intehaan (tanshi, yuvani and ishveer) episode 39

Sorry guys for d late update as I had exams I couldn’t write and today the update is short but don’t worry I make it longer for the next one…..guys pls pls comment……
Yuvi removes d moustach and beard and come near her saware plays . Suhani closes her eyes to kiss yuvi but yuvi moves moves back….
Suhani(drunken):hain yuvi why didn’t u kiss me…
Yuvi smiles
Yuvi:oh really so u wanted to kiss me…
Suhani turns
Suhani:I am really feeling hot…
Yuvi:u drank sooooo much of liquor and now u r feeling hot wow awsome… ..
Suhani removes her jacket ….
Yuvi: suhani wht r u doing ….
Without minding him she went to d bathroom and opened the shower ..yuvi comes to her she was enjoying the shower yuvi removes his shirt …he was wearing a shirt inside inside it he comes to the bathroom tries to pull her out of the shower but both of them fall in the bathtub they have an eye lock
Sab tera song plays(baaghi) yuvi comes close to suhani
Suhani and yuvi was lying on the bed ..suhani was completely around yuvis arms …she slowly open her eyes and frees herself from yuvis hand suhani gets shocked seeing she is wearing yuvis shirt and yuvi was shirtless …she tries to move but yuvi gets up…..
Yuvi:u got up??
Suhani stares at him ….
Yuvi:why r u staring at me huh??
Suhani:yuv….yuvi wht happened last night
Yuvi:wait u don’t remember anything suhani….?
Suhani:no actually I don’t remember…
Yuvi smiles and then comes near her…..
Yuvi:(shocked) suhani how can u not remember our intimate night….
Suhani gets shocked
Suh:intimate night yuvi u r joking right….
Yuvi:suhani why should I joke……about such things…. last night u were so close to me how can I lie…
Suhani:I won’t trust u …u r a liar
She pushes yuvi to the room and goes to the washroom taking her dress….yuvi smiles
Yuvi:there is no proof suhani that I am lying…..
Suhani changes her dress ..she was actually sad
Suhani:wht did I do how can these things happen …
She gets out and sees yuvi still not dressed and still shirtless his abs could be visible suhani just went on mesmerised on him suddenly she comes into senses…
Suhani:yuvi u can’t wear ur shirt??
Yuvi: excuse my shirt is with u…
Suhani throws his shirt on him he wears it….
Yuvi: Suhani why r u acting u saw everything…..yesterday and u r feeling shy…wow…
Suhani:shut up….we have to leave now…
They leave while going the receptionist….talks to suhani..
Receptionist:madam how was ur honey moon??
Receptionist:yes the place where u stayed was honeymoon suit …….and ur husband told that u were couple….
Suhani smiles with an anger in her mind……they leave ….they reach the house……pankaj sees them
Pankaj: suhani yuvraj where were u both …
Suhani:voh…papa we…papa
Yuvi:chacha we went out in order to buy some things….
Suhani gets stunned…
Rishi:haan chacha I itself send them….to buy flowers for di….
Ishani comes there……
Ishani:where were u both I was waiting for u both this much time from last night…..
Yuvani and rishi gets stunned…..
Ishanis wedding…..

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  1. Aqsxxh

    Hehe Jenny! Its amazing! OOOO YuvAni moments were at its peak 😀 😉

    1. Jenny_moon

      Thank u Dr…..

  2. Sorry to say but u only give importance to yuvani then comes tanishi ISHVEER is no where sorry if I hurt u but this is truth u only giving importance to yuvani please give equal importance to all three couples so that all reader’s can be satisfied

    1. komal sontani

      Soory for my side also crystal bcoz u are telling wrong for my sister ishveer story is also ther they also go for date and their romance at function and tanshi in all function in haldi mehndi sangeet just see some old episode sorry if u are hurt by my word its my thoughts

    2. Jenny_moon

      Crystal I didn’t feel bad but I understand as I was writing the ff so fastly in these days I mean I did not get time at all but don’t worry I will add lots and lots of ishveer as well as tanshi moments in upcoming episodes….

    3. Jenny_moon

      Thank u komal sis for supporting me…..

  3. Hi jenny I loved your Ff today can u update ishveer parts bit more as I love them so much and liked the epi so much

    1. Jenny_moon

      Yep next episode I will surely add ishveer scenes a lot and thank u…..

      1. Your welcome and thank u soo much

    2. Jenny_moon

      U r welcome…

  4. awesome yaar…nice to see you back..after such a long time

    1. Jenny_moon

      Thank u ruby….

  5. Was waiting for u.Thank u jenny for writing it.give importance to yuvani.Bcoz its sometimes u r giving importance tanshi.Mein abhi bhi yaad karthi hum iski shurusat.I want to know how rishi and suhani come to hospital.Lplz write that.

  6. Nithu

    No wrds as usual lovd it

    1. Jenny_moon

      Thank u nithu sis

  7. Super super Jenny…. Hey Jenny pls yaar dnt take much time to next upadate

    1. Jenny_moon

      Thank u paru and I will really try

  8. we missed u a lot’s part was so nice

    1. Jenny_moon

      Thank u radha …..

  9. Awesome… nxt epi fast chechiiii

    1. Jenny_moon

      Thank u mole

  10. Woh….!! That was amazing …. waiting for next epi… and do also add some more tanishi scenes … as I love them a lot…

    1. Jenny_moon

      Thank u qiara ya I will surely add don’t worry….

  11. Wow! Yuvani scenes were awesome dear.. And as usual a superb episode

    1. Jenny_moon

      Thank u farhat…..

  12. Nice update dhii it was really great dhii

    1. Jenny_moon

      Thank u radhika …

  13. Episode super aayittund! Keep it up chechi!!!

    1. Jenny_moon

      Thank u mole….

  14. komal sontani

    Wow i real i want yuvraj to drunk and say all the truth in front of children

    1. Jenny_moon

      He don’t have to get drunk before itself everyone will come to know the truth….

  15. Nice epi jenny. Full of yuvani moments . Just loved it?

    1. Jenny_moon

      Thank u sana….

  16. It was awesome and all the best for your exams

    1. Jenny_moon

      Thank u yara fr….

  17. Sorry for others but I completely loved every bit of it. She will give more importance to your favourite couple on other episodes. It’s usually nice at times to anticipate what happens next to your favourite couple. When the writer gives less at times it invokes the anticipation and makes the reader look forward to the next episode.

    1. Jenny_moon

      Thank u mercy for supporting me loving me……..

  18. rashmi mishra

    wow !!!!Jenny Msttttttt hai:$:$:$ fully paisa vasull

    1. Jenny_moon

      Thank u rashmi…..

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