pyaar ki intehaan (tanshi, yuvani and ishveer) episode 38


Hi guys this s d 38th episode of pki guys thank u soo much for ur comments and keep commenting like this…….
Tanu ishani and suhani gets ready wearing jacket top and jeans they also keep beard and moustache to look alike like a man ….they take suhanis car and reach the pub……at the entrance itself a security guard with Jim builded body was standing…they 3 moves towards the entrance the security stops them
Security:hey who r u 3 huh???
Suhani(in male voice):hai Bose we r three bros doing the toss playing with the moss…haha…
Ishani and tanu looks at suhani with an angry face…..
Suhani:I mean we r three brothers my name is ajith…this is Sajith(tanu) and this is rajith(ishani)….
Security:so do u have d pass??
Tanu:pass actually we forgot to take ……how much will it be???
Security:1000 for one ……
They three gets stunned….
Ishani gets an idea…
Ishani:actually we have our cousin’s over here…
Security:wht r their names..??
Suhani:yuvraj rishi….
Security:hmmm ya there r two ppl but I have to ask them…
Suhani:no no we actually wish to give a surprise to them and if u inform them our surprise will get flopped so pls….
Security:fine u three can go now but after the party i will ask them
Suhani: OK Bose…
Security: vaise I like someone calling me Bose so thank u…
Suhani smiles and think that how they r making that security a fool….
They 3 enter d club…they 3see yuvi rishi and rv and gets really angry seeing them drinking..
They three goes to their table
Suhani(in male voice) excuse me can we share the table pls…
Yuvi: off course u can pls..
They suit suhani sits near yuvi.. He feel something odd when suhani sits near as for him she is not suhani but is a man…
Yuv:so what’s ur name guys
Suhani:su…….I mean my name is ajith his name is Sajith and his name is rajith….
Rishi:wow wht names…..
Yuvi forward his hand to suhani
Yuvi:hi I am yuvraj birla …
Suhani shakes her hand yuvi feels awkward…….they all sit..
Rv:wht do u want to have???
Rv:and u three
Tanu:cool drinks…
Suhani and ishani gets stunned
Rishi(laugh):wht cool drinks ppl come here to drink hot drinks..
Suhani:she is like that
Suhani (stunned):I mean he does not like ..he comes with us to give company…..
Yuvi:oh….so wht do u want ajith..
Yuvi feels there is surely something awkward…
They order the drinks ishani and drinks vine suhani starts drinking scotch…yuvi after sometime pulls rishi out…
Yuvi:rishi I really feel like suhani is over here….
Rishi:I also feels a bit awkward…
Suddenly security come…
Security:are u yuvraj
Security:did ur cousins give u surprise??
Yuvi and rishi:wht cousins??
Security:yes ajith Sajith and rajith..
Rishi:ya they came to meet us….
Rishi and yuvi skip from there ..
Rishi:surely there is something…yuvi call Ginni…
Yuvi calls Ginni…Ginni tells them that he have told everything to ish suh and tanu….yuvi and rishi understands the 3r none other than their cousins…..they run inside the pub and see suhani has completely lost her sense she was dancing nagin dance in the dance floor…yuvi gets stunned …ishani and tanu was also terribly shocked ….yuvi takes suhani ishani and tanu out …..
Yuvi:wht was ur problem huh
Tanu:we r sorry…..
Suhani(in drunken state):tanu don’t tell sorry ……..
Yuvi:shut up….
Suhani keeps her finger on her
Yuvi:jiju take di to the house …and rishi take tanu to d house…..
Rv:wht about suhani???
Yuvi:I will take her to a nearby hotel. ……u guys go ……she can’t come home in this state it will be a big problem…..
Rishi:u r right so we will go….
Tanshi and ishveer leave ….yuvi takes suhani to a nearby hotel …….suhani was going on playing her tantrum over their yuvi gets really fed up he takes her in his arms and goes to the room and keeps her on her bed……and removes her moustach and beard…..he comes close to her ..they have an eye contact saware plays. …..

Suhani gets up near yuvi she was wearing yuvis shirt and yuvi was shirtless she gets shocked…..

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  1. Wow wow wow…. Pls yaar next episode update soon ha…. I can’t control myself… Suhani i really love it

    1. Jenny_moon

      Thank u pavi dr…..

  2. Nithu

    Awsm lovely..loved it to the peak….but lil more lengthy if possible i ll be happy den….bt for every epi of uas i njoy soooo much.. n minu tho dnt ask abt her she asks me for every hour dat had jenny upload ff…

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      Thank u nithu and tell minu my thanks….

  3. awesome..Dear always rock…

    1. Nithu

      Wat abt ua ff ruby dear

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      Thank u ruby even i miss ur ff….

  4. Aqsxxh

    I always wait for your epis Jenny this is amazing! Haha now I finally know who the 3 guys were 😀 Loved it! Loved it wayyy to much 🙂

    1. Jenny_moon

      Thank u soooooo much dr…

  5. Wow my bachu!!!! U r jst amazing…. Loved the episode… Lovely yrr…
    🙂 🙂 🙂
    God bless you…
    Take care….
    Always b happy & keep smiling…
    May u reach peak of success…
    Love you…

    1. Jenny_moon

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  6. Totally fab

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  7. I was the silent reader of ff but I have to say That you are the best writer.

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  8. akshita singh

    It was awesome .i loved it

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      Thank u akshitha as always…

  9. Awesome… Jenny keep up the good work…. And update fast and Lil lengthy please

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      Thank u farhat ya i will try actually i dont get time thats why…

  10. Aws
    .. next epi fast..

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  12. Superb yr
    Bt update fast na
    I can’t control myself plz

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      Thank u annu ya i will really try…

  13. komal sontani

    Amazing superb awesome all wors are short for this i mean ucare a great writer and i am little bit angry on u as u didn’t read any of my post i have posted 5 Quick profile and u didn’t read it

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  14. suhani shayad galath samjega yuvraj ko.yehi honewala hai.I love it jenny

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  15. Qiara....

    Wow …that was really good …

  16. Qiara....

    Wow …that was really good …plz update soon ….???

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    Update the next episode fast Jenny

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