pyaar ki intehaan (tanshi, yuvani and ishveer) episode 37


Hi guys this is me Jenny with the 37th episode …..guys pls pls pls comment I am really feeling so sad guys do u know I am hiding this from my parents as they don’t like me writing this ff but I am writing this for u and if u also don’t support and comment I will seriously feel bad… guys pls comment……if u r loosing interest u can tell me………it won’t hurt me but I will do something for that

Sid comes and hugs suhani from back She think that it is yuvi
Suhani:yuvi wht r u….
She turns back and gets stunned
Sid:not yuvi Sid…
Suhani:I thought it’s yuvi ……
Sid:why only yuvi can hold u like this??
Suhani:Sid there is nothing like that…….
Sid:i can see baby how close u both are

Suhani:just shut up Sid there is nothing like he is my family and a very gud friend of mine …….nothing more than that…..
Sid:really nothing more than that …then why do he always try to come close to u……
Suhani:why should I explain anything to u I don’t think that it is important….
Sid:so now I am not at all important to u wow …..(angry)
Suhani:it’s not now u were not important for me get it clear into ur mind….
Sid:u are favouring the bastard who wants to come close to u….

Suhani:(angry)Siddharth mind ur words and don’t even dare to speak about yuvi like that…….
If u dare u will know who suhani shrivastav is u have only seen my good face and don’t make me angry……
Sid:wow suhani for u first rishi was important and now yuvi is important….and where is my position…
Suhani:u had a gud position in my life but now u have even lost that….
Sid:if I try to come close to u ….u don’t like that and when he is coming closer to u I have never seen u stop him……do u love him??
Suhanis pov
I didn’t know wht to answer it is true that I can’t stop yuvi from coming close to me in fact I like it but wht do I feel for him how can I tell that to Sid……..
Suhani:just shut up and leave go……

Sid leaves in anger…..suhani rushes and locks the door….she starts crying very badly ….she unlocks and opens her cupboard and looks at yuvis photos filled in her cupboard ….the photographs of yuvi in this 10yrs……she takes the cassette which had yuvis each and every performance which he did in US ……and smiles seeing his photos…..
Suhanis pov
Wht do u think I never remembered u in these 10yrs it’s true because I never forgot u to remember u…I love u yuvi……she smiles remincing there romantic moment……suddenly someone knocks the door….suhani locks the cupboard and opens the door it was tanu……
Tanu:I was looking around the full house for u…..
Suhani:wht happened ..?
Tanu:I was getting really bored come with me Na suhani we will go to the garden
Suhani:hmmm ok..
Tanu smiles…they both go to the garden ……they talk a lot about their college friends inside….
Ranveer calls yuvi…yuvi puts the call in speaker so that rishi can also hear …
Yuvi:hello jiju whatsup…
Ranveer:beta get ready we will go to men’s only pub..
Rishi:jiju …now why r we going now for wht happiness..
Rv:Abe pagal bachelor’s party if u both r not interested to come fine…
Yuvi and rishi smirks and does a hi-fi
Yuvi:jiju get ready to go we will come now itself …
Rv:great… bye get ready fast….
Yuvi and rishi wear super cool jackets and jeans and get ready they take their bike and go….before going yuvi informed Ginni where they were going and also asked him not to tell this to anyone ….
After some time tanu and suhani was looking for yuvi and rishi and they see Ginni
Suhani: Ginni did u see yuvi and rishi …huh???
Without realising Ginni said everything….
Suhani and tanu in chorus:wht men’s only pub…
Ginni:oh my god wht did I said…..
Suhani:how can they do this ……Ginni..
But by d time Ginni skipped from there…..
Tanu:yar do u know wht all happen in bachelor party….voh bhi gents only pub mein …..
After thinking sometime
Suhani:tanu where is di ?
Tanu:in her room….
She pulls tanu and goes to ishanis room….
Ishani:wht happened why u both came??

Suhani and tanu tells her everything….
Ishani:this is not at all gud we have to do something…
Suhani:I have a plan…
Suhani tells them the plan secretly
Tanu:are u gone mad this is bullshit plan ok…
Ishani:it will be very nice pls tanu…
Tanu unwillingly agrees
Episode freezes….

Entry of ajith Sajith and rajith and lot of masti…….

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  1. Awesome episode Jenny dear.. cant wait for the next episode!

    1. Jenny_moon

      Thank u sooooo much reena….

  2. Aqsxxh

    Perfection again Jenny who is ajith Sajith and rajith if you dont mind me asking?

    1. Jenny_moon

      Thank u Dr … and about these three u will understand in next episode …

      1. Aqsxxh

        Oo can’t wait then 😀

  3. Loved it jenny keep rocking and how r u

  4. Loved it jenny keep rocking and how r u and just waiting to read the next one as my fingers r crossed

    1. Jenny_moon

      Thank u duvaraksha dr ya I am fine…..

  5. Honey

    Wow…I think they are Tanu,ishani & ishani…. The episode was super… Thanks to telly for give super cool feature that I want to comments in all episode which love too.
    Sorry dear for not commenting, actually I eagerly wait for ur episode yaarrr……

    1. Jenny_moon

      Thank u honey dr….

  6. Jenny i love ua ff to the heights dnt be upset ….n today tho u rocked…

    1. Jenny_moon

      Thank u nithu dr…

  7. Superb episode bachu…. Don’t get disheartened bachu, everyone like ur ff very much… It’s jst that some ppl r unable to comment… Day by day it is becoming very hard to find a word to praise u…
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    God bless you…
    Take care…
    Love you…

    1. Jenny_moon

      Thank u paru chechi…..

  8. Qiara....

    Wow ….what a pleasure to read your ff …and i think that ajith ,rajith and sajith are tanu , suhani and ishani… eagerly waiting for next epi ….??

    1. Jenny_moon

      Thank you qiara…

  9. Awesome episode jenny dear.. Waiting for the next one eagerly…

    1. Jenny_moon

      Thank you farhat….

  10. komal sontani

    Superbbbbb jeenyy plz read my Quick profile of yuvraj

    1. Jenny_moon

      Thank u komal by the way I tried but couldn’t open it don’t know as soon as I get it I will read…

  11. How can u even think that we r loosing intrest do u know i just love ur ff i know that min 70 ppl would be loving ur ff …..

    1. Jenny_moon

      Thank u tritia I don’t think that much ppl love my ff…but I hoe

      1. She is saying 70 ppl and I am saying uncountable ppl love this its my guaranty

  12. Jenny u are writing ff with hiding your parents

    1. Jenny_moon

      Yes komal I can’t tell this they won’t allow me…..

      1. komal sontani

        Same problem is with me meri itni ichha he ff likhne ki yaha tak ki mene story bhi bana li he but ek to mere cousin sab abhi 9 class se 10 me gaye sabko suplimentry aayi he i am retest and wo muje sab keh rahe he ki tu bhi fail hogi ab me 9 me gai hu tgey are saying tu kiss khet ki muli he mene challenge kiya he unko that i will be passed with good marks its my record muje kabhi retest nahi dena para fabhi me next vacation me ff likhugi

    2. Jenny_moon

      Mujhe Sarah mein Sarah’s grin komal kyun ki mujhe paths again 9kitne tough hoti gain an me 11 or join boot tough hain par me boot try karrahahoon ff like ke like all the best dr komal……

      1. komal sontani

        Thanks jenny bt i cant control me likugi mene soch liya he

  13. Not like dat jenny..!!! Many love ua ff to the heights im one of silent readers…im nithu frnd.. we both love ssel n ua ff to the heights

    1. Jenny_moon

      Thank u minu I am happy to know that….dr

  14. Thum solid ho yaar.

  15. Its very nice dr!! Don’t feel bad as there are so many silent readers!!!

    1. Jenny_moon

      Thank u radhika

  16. awesome jenny plz don’t stop

    1. Jenny_moon

      Thank u ruby ..

  17. Hey jenny it’s really good. I finally caught up again. I was busy in these few days. But I must say this is awesom:)) waiting eagerly for their entry:))

    1. Jenny_moon

      Thank u ruby ..

  18. Super cool yaar… can’t wait to read the next epi.

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      Thank you sashi

  19. You killed it as usual. Loved every bit of it please update regularly always get sad when I don’t find your ff. Keep it up ?

    1. Jenny_moon

      Thank you mercy

  20. Episode was awesome! Ee ff enikku valare ishtamaanu..

    1. Jenny_moon

      Thank u neethu mole…..

  21. Hey Jenny y are u not update…. Iam waiting

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