pyaar ki intehaan (tanshi, yuvani and ishveer) episode 36


Suddenly rano calls tanu and tanshi break their hug tanu goes while she was going she turns back and looks at rishi … She smiles rishi also smiles… Suhani comes by the way
Suhani: why r u smiling?
Rishi nods nothing and leave… Suhani thinks weather rishi got mad… She also leaves…. Yuvi was standing near tanu
Yuvi: wht will I do to apply haldi on her??(thinking)
Tanu: wht are u thinking yuvi?
Yuvi: how to apply haldi on suhani??

Tanu: do it by ur method idiot..
Yuvi gets the idea and smiles…
Yuvi goes to his room and lies on the bed and starts acting as if in pain .suhani hears him crying and runs towards his room ..
Suhani:wht happened yuvi why were u screaming…??
Suhani was worried
Yuvi:suhani it’s really paining..
Suhani:wht is paining??
Yuvi:my hmm my leg..I think my leg got sprain…

Suhani:oh my god yuvi can’t u walk properly….I got scared(worried)
Yuvi:why r u worried??
Suhani:voh ahh obviously I will be worried u were screaming like that….
Yuvi smiles seeing her worried..
Yuvi:can u apply medicine on my leg it’s hurting me soo much …

Suhani opens the cupboard at that time yuvi slowly walks and closes d door and stands there suhani turns and sees yuvi standing on his legs…
Yuvi:so how was my acting ms Allahabad
Suhani:r u crazy..?so it was all acting….I can’t believe this..
Yuvi:suhani I have made challenge I will apply haldi on u so I will do it..
Suhani:in ur dreams baby…..
Yuvi:we will see now u won’t even be able to go outside without my permission……
Suhani gets a bit scared

Suhani:I don’t need ur permission to leave
Saying she goes to the door she tried to open yuvi forces her not to open but the lock opens they didn’t notice that yuvi pushes suhani to the bed and starts tickling her she was feeling so ticklish ……….yuvi holds both the hands of suhani she couldn’t get of him he gets so close to her ..she however pushes him and tries to run but yuvi gets hold of her sarees pallu she couldn’t run…..

Suhani:just leave me yuvi I am really getting angry..
Yuvi pulls her pallu more stronger she comes towards him …….he holds her waist and turns her suhani closes her eyes yuvi moves her saree near her waist and slowly touches her bare waist then he moves his fingers through her waist suhani feels so ticklish ……
Suhani(whispering):no yuvi pls leave me

Yuvi:no suhani not today…
Saware plays …yuvi takes haldi from a thaal and applies on her cheeks and took her hand and dipped in the thaal and made apply on his face …..and then yuvi applies something’s near her vermilion………suhani turns and sees in the mirror it was not haldi but yuvis blood..on her vermilion……
Suhani:yuvi ur hand…
Yuvi:suhani this is wht I want to apply on u but maybe this is what faith also wants that is I filled ur vermilion with my blood…
Suhani:u r mad this is not a joke….it was just a kids game….

Suhani was about to leave yuvi holds her hand she turns yuvi kneels down and makes her wear waist jewellery … after putting he slightly kisses her waist…..suhani felt his kiss ….. she leaves with partly filled eyes..Siddharth was standing there watching them
Sid:there is something between them or else suhani won’t allow anyone to come soo close to her..I have know more about this if yuvraj is the wall between me and suhani I will remove him forever….
He leaves …suhani runs to her room and cries
Suhani:wht did u do yuvi wht is between us it is just friendship why r u playing with me why do u come so close to me always why yuvi…
In yuvis room
Yuvi:this is not any game and one day u will understand this suhani….and that day u will start loving me I am sure

he looks at her photo in his phone which was kept as wallpaper and smiles………
Suhani wipes her tears and looks at the mirror and looks at her vermilion filled with yuvis blood …
Suhani:yuvi this is wht I want I will tell u that I love u more than anything but now it’s not perfect time……
She smiles a bit ……
Ishanis haldi function is almost over

Lata:ishani beta now just one more reason is left….
Ishani:wht ma
Lata:tera hero is coming Amba ji just called me now ladke Vale have to apply haldi on u then ur haldi will be over…
Ishani smiles hearing ranveer is coming…yuvani and tanshi comes down…
Lata:so who won..? seeing ur faces I think all have applied ..
Rishi:tanu applied first on me then I applied

Tanu smiles remincing how she applied haldi on rishi…..
Lata:yuvi suhani who applied haldi first
Yuvi: obviously suhani I knew I that I won’t win over her..
Suhani gets stunned hearing this…….yuvi blinks his eyes with a smile…….Sid also notices this…
Sid:suhani as u have won I will also apply haldi on u
Sid was about to apply haldi on her face but she moves back….
Suhani: no Sid I am not interested..
Sid gets angry……but doesn’t show his anger..
Suddenly the Bell rings it was ranveer and family .shards invites them in ishveer smiles seeing each other…and feels shy…..tanshi and yuvani notices this and smiles ishveers haldi is done ……without anyone’s notice ranveer comes to ishani
Rv:hello baby so tomorrow is our marriage tensed?
Ishani:hasn’t a bit u??

Rv:my tension will go if u give me a kiss
Ishani: ranveer u r …I don’t want to talk to u……
Rv:don’t talk…..
He pulls ishani to corridor..
Ishani:wht r u doing if anyone see pls ranveer
Ranveer:I will leave u first give me a kiss
Ishani:fine just one
Rv smiles…ishani kisses on his cheeks and then hugs him…he pushes her a bit and kisses her forehead…
Rv:I can’t wait for our suhagrat
Ishani:chi chi ranveer…
Rv:wht chi chi I won’t leave u that night

They both smile…
After sometime
The haldi ceremony was over and vaghelas leave…..tanu was bringing the thaal of haldi to keep it in the kitchen she slips and was about to fall rishi holds her by her waist they have an eye lock ….after sometime they come into the senses…..they smile….
Tanu sees the haldi all fell down
Tanu:wht is this rishi look because of u all haldi fell down….
Rishi: because of me wow nice tanu …..
Tanu:I mean because of my carelessness I am sorry…
Rishi:it’s ok and I will help u…
They both sit and starts to clean they put haldi on each other and smiles…..
In suhani room she was removing her ornaments and remincing her romantic moment with yuvi …suddenly someone holds her from back she turns
Suhani:yuvi…..and turns

But it was Sid………
The episode freezes

Heated argument between Sid and suhani…..planning of bachelor party

Credit to: Jenny

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