pyaar ki intehaan (tanshi, yuvani and ishveer) episode 35

Hi sisters and friends I am Jenny with the 35th episode I am really happy with ur comments I am believing that I am not boring u with my ff ………do pls keep commenting like this ….today’s episode u can see a lot of yuvani as well as tanshi scenes so enjoy and keep commenting like this and more than this??
Sangeeth function gets over everyone is ready to sleep yuvani and tanshi was thinking about their romantic moment ….
Yuvani and tanshi was sitting in the dining table pankaj comes there
PaN:where were u both yuvi and suhani beta??
Yuvani reminces the time they spend…..
Suhani:papa we were coming here to house as tanu messaged me so I thought I shouldn’t make her Alone …
Pankaj:oh gud…….and one more thing tomorrow is haldi so get ready …fast ok
Yuvani and tanshi in chorus:ok
Pankaj leaves
Suhani takes yuvi to a side
Suhani: because of u I told a lie to papa
Yuvi:then u could have told d truth…
Suhani:oh wht will I tell him that we were ……
Suhani stops
Yuvi comes close to her
Yuvi:we were???,wht?
Suhani:that u were playing a very bad joke on me??
Yuvi: suhani it wasn’t a joke I was just trying to help u just that
Suhani:u could have told me that my zib is open but u didn’t u pulled me out and came close to me and u itself ribbed it why u want to come close to me??
Yuvi: whatever u want to think u think I am leaving
Yuvi leaves…..
Yuvani and tanshi goes to sleep yuvani and tanshi doesn’t talk to each other …..

Everyone is getting ready for haldi…suhani was wearing a yellow saree with yellowish white flowers …..she was looking so stunning tanu was wearing a yellow saree with pink border and ishani was wearing yellow lehenga with ornaments made up of flowers she was also looking very beautiful…..
Pankaj:tanu just get the haldi from the kitchen
Tanu:ok chacha
Tanu goes to kitchen there she strikes with rishi….rishi was about to fall he takes tanu with him both of them fall together ….tanu gets up rishi is still sitting on the ground he was mesmerized seeing tanu
Tanu:rishi get up
Rishi comes into senses……..and gets up…
Tanu:wht happened??
Rishi:just got lost
Tanu hits rishi head and leaves with d mehendi..rishi stood smiling…
Suhani was arranging the flowers and placing it suddenly her saree got open she runs to hubi’s room …….she completely removed the saree to wear it from first suddenly yuvi comes out of the bathroom and sees suhani standing showing her bare waist ….suhani suddenly turns seeing yuvi and slightly covers her waist with her hand yuvi comes towards her
Yuvi:wht happened??
Suhani: yuvi just go my saree slit opened now it will take minimum an hour to wear this properly…
Yuvi:can I help u??
Suhani:no wht will u help me just go…
Yuvi goes till the door and then locks d door ..then comes towards suhani he moves her towards him then moves her he takes her saree and made her wear it finally when he was to put the slides into her waist he slowly touches waist suhani closes her eyes he could feel her bare waist finally he made her wear..
Yuvi: suhani wear some ornaments u will look more beautiful..
Suhani:so I am beautiful??
Yuvi:yep u r there will be no boy who could take his eyes of u…
Suhani:u also

Yuvi:when u r standing the way u stood 10mins before even I can’t take off my eyes…
Suhani turns with shame…..yuvi smiles and leaves….
Haldi ceremony starts everyone put haldi on ishani …….ishani was really happy….
Pankaj:today everyone will put haldi on each other…
Yuvi: suhani u like haldi
Yuvi:so today I will be d first person to apply haldi on u…….
Suhani:let’s see who will first put mehendi on whom…
Tanu:yep today girls will win..
Rishi:achachan’s then let’s see….
After some time rishi pulls tanu to apply haldi but she doesn’t allow him she runs and he runs back finally they get into the terrace rishi pulls tanu towards him……
Tanu:rishi no pls….I will loose…..
Rishi gives the thank of haldi to tanu
Rishi:take this haldi and apply it on my face
Tanu:u want to loose…
Rishi:if a 100times I have to loose in front of u I am happy..
Tanu smiles and apply haldi on rishis face …..then rishi comes close to tanu and rubs that haldi an tanushree face which was applied onto his face…tanu smiles rishi kisses her on her other cheeck she smiles being shy…and they both hug …

Yuvi holds suhani saree and pulls it they comes very close Sid watches them….

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  1. Oh.. god.. yet another wonderful epi…. .. cant wait to see wat yuvi does to suhani tmrw…

    1. Thank u mole….

    1. Thank u akshitha…..

  2. Writers should be like u Jenny. Each & everyday u make it so interesting.

    1. Thank you sashi…..

  3. Great episode… Really awesome… Love you my bachu…
    ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚
    God bless you…
    Take care…
    Always keep smiling & b happy…

    1. Thank u chechi….

  4. That was great …?? keep it up….??โœŒโœŒ eagerly waiting for next epi ….??

    1. Thank you qiara….

  5. Sashi is absolutely correct jenny… And it was a mind blowing episode jenny…. Ur really doing a great job… Can’t wait for the next one.. Luv u..

    1. Thank you farhat…..

  6. Its fabulous ur ff

    1. Thank you aashiya

  7. Wow nice episode loved the precap ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thank you fatargo

  8. This was just epic! Well done chechi!!!

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  9. There no words to express my feelings.More than ssel i like all ff.

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  10. wow amazing

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  11. Wow!!! Love this ff sooo much! Can’t wait till the next episode!

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  12. My small.sis..lovely as usual…whn ever u hyd xm to my house…my frndz are big fans of u n ua ff dey love ua ff soo much…

    1. Thank u nithu sis I am really happy to hear this that many ppl love my ff…..

  13. well done jenny โ™กโ™กโ™กโ™กโ™ก

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  14. Its awesomeeeeeeeeeeee darling ? as usual

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