pyaar ki intehaan (tanshi, yuvani and ishveer) episode 34

Rishi offs d light and makes tanu wear the bathrobe he moves her towards him and holds her face he moves the hair which felled on her face he comes soo close to her their heart started beating faster tanu was about to go but rishi gets hold of her and pulls her towards him and kisses her on her neck …..
There yuvi comes near suhani near the hall suhani was actually a bit scared
Suhani:now why have u come huh….?
Yuvi:calm down are dresses are all wet so I think so we have to go change so come with me
Suhani:where ….??
Yuvi:to home
Yuvani leaves to change

At home rishi goes on kissing tanu in her face and then kisses her on her neck when he was about to kiss on her lips the Bell rings rishi and tanu come into their senses and they move back rishi goes to open the door and was stunned to see yuvani
Rishi:u both
Rishi:has I came to take the Shagun
Suhani:oh but where is tanu
Rishi: how do you know that tanu is here
Suhani:she messaged me
Rishi:why are you both wet….
Yuvani reminded their romantic moment in rain
Yuvi:voh we were hmmm
Suhani:coming here and got wet in d rain
Tanu dresses up and comes …..rishi was completely mesmerized seeing her….suhani also changes the dress suhani and tanu was wearing the same dress….they goes to the hall…sangeeth almost started it was now girl families chance to dance…yuvani and tanshi get ready to dance the introduction was done by yuvani

Yuvi:so here is a story
Suhani:we mean love story which will entertain all of u…..
Tanshi first comes to dance as ishveer .. actually it was ishveer love story…..only ishveer yuvani and tanshi knew it ….Tanshi dance on the song bole chudiya bole kangana….while dancing tanshi were remincing there romantic moment their theme was the college days of ishveer …ishveer looks at each other and reminded how they met first in college their romantic ….now it was yuvani chance they danced on d song file ye mere mujhe that pal ye puchtha song they danced very nicely they reminded their fight their romances …yuvi holds suhani in his arms and keeps her on a chair and put flowers on her this was done by rV on ishanis B’day ……all performances were over ladkivale were announced as winners and best partners were tanshi and yuvani…..all the family members enjoy sangeeth function they all. Dance finally on the song le jayenge le jayenge dil Vale dulhaniya le jayenge……
Finally sangeeth ends

Haldi function yuvani and tanshi challenge to apply haldi on each other…yuvani and tanshi moment…….

Credit to: Jenny


  1. It was superb bachu…. Waiting for next update….
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    God bless you…
    Take care…
    Always b happy…

    • Jenny

      Thank u paru chechi…….if I ask u something will u tell me I got a nice sis like u but by chance if I stop writing then how can I chat like this……I can’t even imagine that…

      • At times same question arise in my mind…. As of nw I hope u r nt planning to end ur ff…. & ya I m giving u my email id so that v can find a way to talk to each other their….
        [email protected] this my email id…. So u jst ping me there…. 😉

  2. Aqsxxh

    Ahhh jenny my comment didn’t get through.. I really love ur ff! Like you were another one of my ff inspirations! I jist love it! 😀

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