pyaar ki intehaan (tanshi, yuvani and ishveer) episode 33

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all get ready for sangeeth …ishani was seriously looking so beautifull as a bride she was wearing saree of white and blue combo….suhani was wearing a pink and black combo gown which was sleevless…three of them came down together yuvi and rishi couldn’t take of their eyes from suhani and tanu……yuvi and rishi was wearing shervani ….they were looking typical
yuvi:suhani why u wore gown that to pink u don’t like pink….
Suhani:haan voh someone likes pink for that person I wore
Yuvi couldn’t understand but he thinks his fav colour is pink he gets surprised he turned back suhani was leaving he called her she didn’t turn back but went with a smile
Rishi goes to tanu

Rishi:u r looking very beautifull tanu…I cant take my eyes of u7
Tanu feels shy
Tanu:thank u…….i am looking that beautifull that mr rishi bedi cant take eyes of me
Rishi:u r d only girl who have impressed me
Tanshi smiles
They all leaves for sangeeth in jubilee hall…..vaghela family still didn’t reach…
Suhani goes to ishani
Suhani:di how was ur date tanu told me
Ishani smiles she remembers their romantic moments

Suhani:di u r happy right
Ishani:suhani u don’t know how happy I am now
Suhani:and if my di is happy then I am also happy
Suhani hugs ishani
Tanu was talking to sharda suddenly she gets a call and she goes while going a waiter hits her and the juice falls on tanu she completely gets drenched in juice suddenly sharda comes there
Tanu:maa my dress became watery wht will I do
Sharda:beta u do one thing we will go home and change…k
Tanu:no need ma I will go
Tanu leaves
Rishi was arranging everything in the hall rano comes there..
Rano:rishi go to house and take d shagun no one remembered to take that I just forgot
Rish:me ma
Rano:haan go na
Rishi:fine but where is it kept??

Rano:in tanus room
Unwillingly rishi goes….to house…
Suhani was standing with ishani they were having jokes yuvi was coming by that way he sees something and gets shocked …he goes to suhani…
Yuvi:suhani just come with me
Suhani:wht tu pagal hain …
Ishani:just go na suhani maybe there will be something important ….
Suhani:but wht is it…
Yuvi becomes so angry he takes suhanis hand and pulls her…he was completely holding her back…they reach outside it was similar to a garden……..when they reach there suhani takes out yuvis hands from her

Suhani:wht is this yuvi and wht were u doing haan??
Suhani was about to leave it started raining and yuvi holds her hand
In the house rishi goes to tanus room he searches all over their he couldn’t find…inside her bathroom tanu was bathing she off the shower wraps a towel around her and comes out of the bathroom rishi looks at tanu and tanu looks at rishi they both scream…
Outside d hall

Yuvi holds suhanis hand and pulls her towards him…he rols his fingers through her forehead then through her lips he rubs her lips with his fingers…saware plays she closes her eyes…he comes so close to her that she could feel his breath he continue to roll his finger he moves through her neck …….then he pulls her more close he slowly moves his hands through her hips she hugged him…..he slowly moves his hands to her back and zib up her dress…she opened her eyes…she slowly moves back she touches her dress zib and then looks at yuvi….yuvi mves towards her ears
Yuvi:this s d important thing be carefull suhani I don’t like others seeing wht is mine……
Yuvi moves back and leaves..

Suhanis POV
I couldn’t understand why I cant control my emotions…for him he was so close to me I don’t know I just fell that it is not wrong but even if it is with sid I would really feel awkward but when yuvi touches me neither I cant move back nor I cant control myself I really wish that he should come close to me…wht he told last that he don’t like others seeing wht is his…..i didn’t understand at first then…….does he really feel for me….i came up with an answer no…………he dosent..

In thhe house

Tanu:wht r u doing here rishi
Rishi:I came to take the shagun which was kept in this room
Tanu:oh wht will I do my dress is kept on the bed
Rishi goes an offs the light he goes close to tanu and make her wear bathrobe both of their hearts started beating so fast….

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