pyaar ki intehaan (tanshi, yuvani and ishveer) episode 32

It was almost 8 yuvani was sitting in yuvis room they were playing anthakshari then they talked cracked jokes and finally both of them fell asleep tanu comes there and sees them sleeping by d time rishi also comes they both make yuvani lie and puts bedsheet….suddenly ishani comes there
Ishani:suha she slept
Tanu:di slowly they will get up
Ishani:pulls rishi and tanu to a side and off s d light..
Ishani:tanu I need ur help
Tanu:wht happened di
Ish:tanu ranveer have called me for a date its too late wht will I do
Tanu and rish and plans something and tells that to ishani secretly..
Ish:will it work
Tanu:haan di
Its almost 10 tanu rishi and ishani sends everyone to sleep ..they slowly jumps from the the balcony and reach the place when they reach ishanis heart started beating very fast rishi and tanu send ishani to ranveer they moves to a side….ishani goes the place was fully decorated but she couldn’t see rv….suddenly rv came from back and hugs her…
Rv:why r u late
Rv:no need
Rv holds ishanis hands and make her sit on the chair….he serves her drink…they talk of lot of things their future their children about everything…..rv takes ishani to dance he plays music….
Chhuteya na chhute mose
Rang tera dholna
Ik tere baajo dooja
Mera koi mol na
Bolna mahi bolna
Bolna mahi bolna
Hmm… aa……..
he kisses ishanis hands she feels shy and hugs him rv kisses on her cheecks and forehead…..he gives ishani lot of gifts…
there tanshi was sitting alone tanu was feeling very cold rishi makes tanu wear his jacket….they went on talking about many things it was almost 12..tanu falls asleep on rishis shoulders rishi just goes on looking at her ……..aaj din chadeya plays…..ishani comes there with rv ..tanu gets up ….ishani rish and tanu leave

everyone do decorations for sangeeth ceremony suhani was wearing saree with black and golden combination she was carrying a bunch of flowers to decorate the house….(the sangeeth ceremony is actually happening in a hall near to their house …..)rishi was running back of yuvi to beat him as he did something without noticing yuvi bumps into suhani she was about to fall when yuvi holds her waist…he could feel her breath they were so close all the flowers were falling on them they have an eyelock suhani was slowly breathing her heartbeat was going on increasing yuvi was alos in his own world he also couldn’t take of his eyes…suddenly rishi breaks the silence
rish:hmmm excuse me…don’t mind if I am disturbing u guys
yuvani comes into senses they moves back….rishi taunts them again rishi started beating yuvi…
suhani:rish why r u hitting him
rish:he was hitting me
suhani:let go na rish
rish:oh u r supporting this idiot
yuvi goes to suhanis side
yuvi:so wht if she support me huh
suhani:I am not supporting anyone….there is a lot of work here so both of u don’t spend ur time hitting and kicking each other
yuvi:suhani sangeeth is happening in jublee hall right then why to decorate this house
suhani:abe gadhe this is a marriage house it should be decorated
suh:both shut ur mouth and go and help
suhani leaves
yuvi:rishi suhani have made us no 1 ramukakas of this house
rish:sahi kaha tune chal we will obey her or else jkr jag jaayegi……
they both laugh having a hifi yaariyaan ……plays

sangeeth ceremony with tanshi and yuvani scenes……………………………

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