pyaar ki intehaan (tanshi, yuvani and ishveer) episode 31

hi guys this is the 31st episode guys i know that u guys may be busy but just preserve 2 mins for me u have to comment guys …….i know that u guys love me soo much and i dont need any proof for that …but when u comment it will gve me soo much strength to write and guys i just wanted to inform u guys that i have scored full 10 point or full A1 in 10th and i am soo happy….and enjoy todays episode
Its morning

Everyone is around the dining table for having nachtha yuvani is not talking …to each other yuvi and tanu is sitting on one side and rish and suhani is sitting on the other side yuvani is not even looking at each other .seeing them ishani signs tanu and rishi wht happened to them they signed they don’t know..
Pankaj:wht happened to both of u yuvi and suhani??
Yuvi and suhani in chorus:nothing papa nothing chacha..
Everyone looks at them…
Lata:tomorrow is d sangeeth function bachon get ready to win
Tanu:yep chachi we will win

Rishi:haan 4 of us will break the stage
Yuvi:I am not going to dance
Suhani:me too
Rishi:suhani u r d best dancer and u r not gonna dance…
Suhani:(whispering)rishi when did u start having intrest in dance??
Rishi:(whisper)it happened hmmm
Everyone finishes breakfast
Tanu:rishi on which song we will dance??
Rishi:hmm ah I don’t know u both wht is ur idea which song
Yuvi:I don’t know and I am not gonna participate if she is der
Suhani:excuse me I am also not gonna participate if u r der..hmm

Both of them leave on opposite directions
Tanu:arre rukko
Rishi:we have to do something there is something first we have to solve the problem
Tanu:rishi solve how???
Rishi:come here I will tell u an idea
Rishi wispers something in tanus ears

Tanu:wow great super
They have a hifi…tanu goes to suhani and rishi goes to yuvi..
Rishi comes to yuvis room
Rishi:hey bhai how r u???
Yuvi:tu pagal hein we just met now………and u r asking how is me???very funny…wait if u came to ask me to practice for the sangeeth right??
Rishi:haan but
In suhanis room
Suhani:no no no no no tanu don’t put butter on me I am not ready
In yuvis room
Rishi:pls yuvi why r u telling no
Yuvi:I tod u once no matlab no that’s it….
Rishi:for di pls

In suhanis room
Tanu:yaar pls for di u have to come
Yuvani thinks
In yuvis room.
Yuvi:ok I will practice biut suhani should not be der…..
Rishi:hmm ok
In suhanis room
Suhani:fine but yuvi should not participate
Tanu:haan haan ok…
Tanu and rishi:(to themself)now its time for plan b..
Rishi takes yuvi and tanu takes suhani
Suhani:where r u taking
Tanu:yaar for practice
Tanu takes suhani to ishanis room
Suhani:we r gonna practice from di s room
Tanu:haan voh …hmm vo di ne kaha
Tanu:ss suhani I forgot to take my phone song is in that..
Tanu goes..rishi comes yuvi is with him tanu sees them and hides……
Yuvi:why r u taking me to di s room
Rishi:we r going take the ….taperecorder…..

Suddenly rishis phone rings it was tanu
Rishi:yuvi pls take the recorder na…I have to take this call
Yuvi enters the room and sees suhani and suhani also sees yuvi
Yuvi:wht r u doing here
Suhani:excuse me tu yahan kyaa kar rahahoon….hmm
Suddenly the door closes and gets locked……
Suhani and yuvi runs towards the room
She goes on banging the door
Yuvi:no use of banging I knew this its tanus and rishis plan
Outside the room
Tanu:yuvi u r right now chup chap solve d problem then only we will open d door.
Suhani:wht is this tanu
Rishi:not only tanu I am also der with her
Yuvi:I wont leave u ..
Tanshi:don’t leave us…hehehe…
They leave yuvani is in ishanis room and they r really angry
Yuvi:idiots made us alone and they went
Suhani:haan now wht will we do…???
Yuvi:wait why am I talking to u??its all because f u…

Suhani:all because of me…u became angry and hurted me thus I am not talking to u so because of u…
Yuvi:then wht should I do u were taking vrath for that idiotic sid…
Suhani:sid is not an idiot……
Yuvi:oh ya why should sid be an idiot I am an idiot right??
Suhani:I didn’t mean like that…
Yuvi:ok I shouted at u I don’t even have this much right over u suhani?
Suhani:haan u have u can shout at me but this was for no reason
Yuvi:for no reason
Suhani:haan yuvi u shouted at me jab meine vrath khud tum hareliye…….
Yuvi:wht mere liye??
Suhani:I mean I kept vrath for that person whom I feel I should keep but not for that person of ur choice
Yuvi:ok u kept vrath but sid is not at all a gud person suhani I can feel it
Suhani:yuvi sid is a gud person why don’t u understand
Yuvi:fine I will trust ur choice cause I trust u but if I get any proof against sid then….
Suhani:yep then I will listen to wht u will say…
Suhani:haan pakka
Yuvi forwards his hand for a hand shake.
Suhani moves his hand and hugs him….he hugs her back… yuvi messages tanu about their recouncile tanshi comes and opens the door
Tanu:how is our idea

Suhani:itni bhi buri nahin hain….
Tanshi and yuvani have a group hug…they all go for practice has lot of masti …yuvi pushes tanu while dancing as they couldn’t coordinate their dance finally somehow they finished practice and it was also evening…everyone sits for cutting chai and biscuit….suhani digs her biscuit is yuvis tanus and rishis tea..lata brings samosa and suhani was behind it everyone laughs seeing suhanis craziness towards samosas…
The episode freezes

Ishani comes to tanu and asks where suhani is .tanu answers that she doesn’t know ishani asks wether tanu can help her….ishveers date…..

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  1. Isn’t it the 51st episode? Anyway it was really good jenny!

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  4. Hi Jenny,
    First of all heartiest congratulations on your bord exam success, have celebration dear… it’s party time and secondly we really love this FF and you, please don’t end it soon. We all know current SSEL track is too dragging and boring….. after reading this FF track, we feel happy…. atleast it has some good YuVani moments….
    So, please please dear sis… keep it up….. your good work….. here and in your life as well… All the very best…..?

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  5. Awesome Jenny ? Waiting for the next episode ?? xx

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  13. I am sorry but u never give importance to ISHVEER but only to yuvani please give equal importance to ask three couple sorry if I hurt u

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