pyaar ki intehaan (tanshi, yuvani and ishveer) episode 30

hi guys this is me jenny with the 30th episode guys pls pls pls keep commenting like this when i showed the comments to my parents they were happy and guys i want ur support like this itself…..
Yuvi:something is fishy…..
Yuvi goes back of suhani he pulls her into his room and shuts the door…
Yuvi:I helped u…and u became angry..for wht..
Suhani:wht was ur need for u to make me drink water….infact wht was ur need to come infront of me at that time huh?
Yuvi:wait u were taking vrath??
Suhani:why should I tell u..who r u mine??
Yuvi pulls her hand and moves towards him…
Yuvi:main job hi hoon tell me u were taking vrath or not..
Yuvi gets stunned
Yuvi:for whom???
Suhani gets tensed…she couldn’t answer it
Yuvi:(in anger)answer my question damn it for whom
Suhani:for sid….heard
Yuvis emotions were filled with anger frustruation and sadness….he pushes suhani on the bed and leaves…
On the ground ranveer breaks ishanis fast
Ishani:ranveer where is my gift??
Without anyones notice rv kisses ishani on her cheeks…ishani feels shy……
Rv:and my gift
Rv:ok not now tomorrow evening u will come on a date with me….agreed
Ish:woh…..ok agreed
Rv becomes happy…and kisses her hand..ishani feels shy…
Amba:so ranveer its time u have to leave ur princess ..
Ranveer:agar mere bas chala I would never leave my princes…
Ishani smiles…ashiqui plays……
Amba:bas bas…vaise lata ji where is yuvi suhani tanu and rishi…I just wanted to tell them something…
Lata:they r in their rooms..ginni u go and call four of them…
Amba:its alright…day after tomorrow is sangeeth competition will be der ladki vale and ladke vale tell them to be ready
Vaghela family leave..while leaving ranveer goes on looking at ishani she also smiles..
In suhanis room she is seen crying
Suhani:why I cant tell the truth to him……why he became so angry…….(crying) wht did I do….uski jab man aaye mujhe hurt kare I wont allow it…
In tanus room she sitting and thinking about rishi how rishi broke her fast….rishi comes to her
Tanu:u I was just thinking about u itself..
Rishi:about me????wow nice..
Tanu:vo…voh I mean I didn’t see u till this much time so I thought u slept…
Rishi:haan voh I had some work…but I have bought something for u..
Rishi takes her hand and ties a bracelet written as TR…tanu smiles
Tanu:wow rishi its very beautifull I just love it..
Tanu hugs rishi….so tightly ..he also hugs her back…suddenly they realize wht they were doing…they slowly moves back……aaj din chaleyaa song plays..
Rishi:its too late lets sleep
Rishi:bas hmmm….
Tanu:haan baba…
Rishi goes tanu smiles and leaves back of him……
Yuvi is seen standing on the terrace he is really angry….
Yuvi:how can she take vrath for sid…I thought she is just acting and she is taking vrath for me but it is true that she loves him…..but I luv…….no yuvi no one should know wht is in ur mind bury ur feelings…for her….
He cries ……..he wipes his tears…and goes to his room he sees rishi and tanu talking and smiling and coming to d room..yuvi wipes his tears…tanu and rishi see yuvi
Tanu:oh yuvi where were u…yuvi??
Yuvi:I was on the terrace…vaise where were u both???
Tanu:uhhhh vo….i just saw him now we were coming to sleep…..where is suhani ??we have to sleep right..
Yuvi:I don’t know…
Tanu:u both wait I will go and look for her..
Tanu leaves…tanu was passing by ishanis room..she hears suhanis voice …and stops..
Ishani:no suhani I want to sleep alone pls.go and sleep in ur room..
Suhani:pls di
Tanu comes in….
Tanu:suhani today u r planning to sleep with di….
Suhani:haan ……..voh yep…….
Ishani:wht happened ..why r u both tensed..
Tanu and suhani in chorus:nothing
Tanu:di I will also sleep here
Ishani:hmm ok…..both of u first go and change this is so heavy dress
Suhani:haan I am going to wear night dress..
Tanu:me too
Ishani:then go I am feeling very sleepy….
Suhani first goes to change..tanu leaves to yuvis room..
Tanu:yuvi ,rishi suhani has decided to sleep in di s room……so I also decided to sleep there itself
She was about to leave
Tanu:wait did anything happen…suddenly suhani decided to sleep in di s room..
Yuvi reminces wht happened today…about how he hurted suhani……
Tanu:don’t think abot it I am mad…
She leaves…
Its night
Suhani ishani and tanu is sleeping in ishanis room…slowly d door opens and someone comes in it was yuvi he slowly comes to suhani.suhani was sleeping on one end of d bed…yuvi moves towards suhani .suhani was shivering yuvi puts blanket on suhani .he keep his hand and pat on suhani s head
Yuvi:(whispers)I am sorry that today I hurted u I am really sorry..
He takes suhanis hand and kisses her hand……
Yuvi:this s my gift for u by mistake itself I broke ur fast…once more I am sorry
Tears fall from yuvis eyes it falls on her hand suhani was about to wake up yuvi suddenly goes from their….suhani gets up but she couldn’t see anyone ..she feels awkward
The episode freezes

Yuvani and tanshi practice for sangeeth..can tanshi solve yuvanis problem…

Credit to: Jenny


  1. Reena

    amazing episode jenny dear! loved it! the ishveer part was too cute and i loved yuvi’s apology.. eagerly waiting for your next episode dear!

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