pyaar ki intehaan (tanshi, yuvani and ishveer) episode 29

Hello guys this is me jenny with the 29th episode of my ff pyaar ki intehaan…guys do comment …i am really sad that i am not getting enough comments guys do u know i dont have any time to write everyone is putting pressure on me to stop writting but i am writting for u soo pls comment..

Suhani is sitting there tanu comes near her….
Tanu:whose name u have written in ur mehendi hmm???
Tanu:show me
Suhani:ta….tanu first u show then I will show….
Rishi and yuvi comes near them….
Rishi:haan tanu show me whose name u have written
Tanu gets tensed….
Tanu:I am not interested to show my mehendi to anyone
Tanu leaves…..
Rishi and yuvi :ok let her go show ur mehendi suhani
Suhani also gets tensed…..
Suhani:I am also not interested in showing u both my mehendi..
suhani leaves
Yuvi:wht is this yaar they now just told to show there mehendis to eachother…and when we asked they r telling that they r not interested???kyaa yaar…
Rishi:yep yuvi ladikkiyonkon samajna mushkil nahi namumkin hain…
They leave…….

Its evening..vaghela family comes…..every women are ready to break their fast with the food given by their husbands…
Raj:this karvachoth is very special kyun ki today is ishanis mehendi…this house first marriage is going to happen….within a few day…I am really happy pankaj
Pankaj:hmm my half heart is leaving within a few days…..
Ishani hears this and she hugs pankaj and raj and cries
Ishani:I don’t want to marry..i wont leave u and go
Suhani:di ranveer jiju will luv u more than us….
Ranveer:haan and don’t cry u r the only bahu of vaghela family mom and dad will luv u sooo much…
Ishani:I know ranveer but wht a girl feels during marriage about leaving her family and going it is not so easy…
Tanu:di jiju is there every tough thing for u he will make it easy
Ranveer:haan now stop crying
He wipes her tears…..they all laugh…
Sharda:everyone moon has come its time to break the fast..

Everyone goes outside to see the moon and break the fast..except shani and tanu…sid also comes there looking for suhani..but suhani doesn’t come front of sid….tanu goes to her room…she was looking at the moon…suddenly her head strted paining and she fainted…she was about to fall rishi holds her hnds and takes her in his arms and made her lye on the bed he ran and took some water….and made her drink…she slowly becomes conscious..
Rishi:tanu u didn’t eat anything today…..why??
Befor tanu could say something rishi fills her mouth with food..she eats it….and she smiles looking at rishi….but didn’t say anything….
Suhani was standing on the terrace….seeing the moon
Suhani:actually for whom did I take this vrath…who will break my fast I don’t know…
She reminces her childhood when she asks how a women takes vrath and completes it her mom told her that a women who looks at the moon and then closes her eyes and then turn three times and looks at her husband then the fast will be technically complete…..then the husband will make her eat and then make her drink in this way the fast is broken..
She looks at the moon and then closes her eyes….she turn 3 times and when she opened her eyes she saw yuvi standing infront of her…she first gets surprised
Suhani:yuvi wht r u doing here
Yuvi:actually I have to ask u this question wht r u doing here..
Suhani suddenly starts coughing so badly…yuvi gets tensed without thinking he made her drink water…
Suhani becomes alright but she pushes yuvi …..and runs..yuvi actually didn’t understand why she did this…..he helped her and she pushed him away..
The episode freezes

Yuvi asks suhani that whether she took vrath she replies yep…he says for whom she gets stunned and didn’t say anything..

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  1. great episode jenny dear.. it was too cute!

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  3. Chechi…. it was really awesome…. pls dont be sad.. we all r really big fans of your ff…. and you know wat yesterday was my bday. .. anyways this was the best bday gift i was expecting from u …

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  6. Hey jenny..!! I am a silent reader ..for the i am commenting on your ff .. The episode was just superb as always and don’t be sad ..i know your taking time but take your time and just upload episode doesn’t matter how much time to your taking.. 🙂

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  7. You r back. great epi. Missed u so much jenny.

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  8. I really love ur tf don’t stop it

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  9. Jenny now its my last warning ab agar tumne socha bhi to end this ff then then me tumhara ghar aakar tumhe jaan se maar dungi koi comment kare ta nahi you have to write i0this for me

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  10. Wow bachu!!! It was very sweet and cute episode… Lovely… Don’t b sad dear…. Many people love ur ff dear bachu…. 🙂

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  11. hey dear don’t stop it i really like it

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  12. It’s so awesome chechi!! Never end your ff and update it regularly please.

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  15. I LOVED IT!!! U know I always wait for ur fanfiction burin ever see it and today u posted after a long time. Please try to update regularly and superb!!!

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  16. jenny … no words .i can’t stop praising your ff.its jus lovely .and ya never stop writing we are all with you .luv u and ur ff jenny

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  17. Plz Jenny and all of you neetu ko samjao she wants to end his ff love is the way plz tell her not to stop

  18. guys can i tell you a secret! The fact is that i forgot my ff i remember it.. I have also forget on which story i was writting..Anyways i will continue with it ..Only 2 episode left to finish it..

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      1. Ruby.. pls dont end ur ffff… we want more of yuvaniiiii….give something hot and romantic..

  19. This ff is just great dear.I was waiting for your update like anything.Thank you so much for updating.Its very nice and gripping.I will be eagerly waiting for your next update.Keep writing.You rock..!!!!!

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