pyaar ki intehaan (tanshi, yuvani and ishveer) episode 28


Hello guys this is me jenny…with the 28th episode enjoy…and I am sorry for delay …as I was so busy in my studies I will really try to update in between 2 days and guys pls pls pls comment…
Everyone goes to their own rooms as they all were very tired…tanshi and yuvani are in yuvis room….tanu is sitting on the bed and reading a book…rishi gets angry seeing tanu reading a book and not talking to him neither suhani is talking to yuvi…..
Rishi takes suhanis hands and pulls her out of her room…
Suhani:wht is this rish
Rish:why r u not talking to yuvi..
Suhani:ohh why he is also not talking with me….
Rishi:shut up suhani I heard everything wht u talked…..that is right
Suhani:wht is right??
Rishi:whtever he told…
Suhani:execuse me…
Rishi:haan I don’t really understand u made sid ur bf….this much yrs he was back of u….and u used to tell tht he is not of ur choice….and now…..i cant believe u chose sid…I know sid is our friend..but why pls tell me
Suhani:rish there is something but I cant tell u know…..ab kya chahthe ho tum???
Rishi:go and talk to yuvi.
Suhani:ok I will ..happy???
Suhani goes to yuvi
Suhani:I am sorry friends..
Yuvi shakes hands with suhani….they smile….rishi runs to tanu and throws tanus book..tanu becomes angry and starts beating him
Yuvi suhani:fight fight fight….
Rishi falls on the bed tanu on his back yuvi on her back and suhani on his back …they have lot of masti….
Everyone is going on doing the arrangements
Lata:beta u can take the vrath right
Ishani:haan ma I can….vaise I am taking this vrath for ranveer….i can handle any pain for
Lata:I know…aise bantha hain rishtha..
They have a hug…
Tanu hears this..
Tanu:so I can also handle any pain so I love….no no no I am mad
Ishanis mehendi ceremony starts….
Lata:tanu suhani u didn’t have anything in the morning…have beta….
Suhani:maa I ate
Tanu:chachi I also ate…
Lata:achacha u ate fine..i am going to apply mehendi for ishani u both are applying
Suhani andtanu in chorus:haan
Lata:ok after ishani u booth apply achcha wali mehendi waali hain…
Tanu:teek hain chachi…
Lata leaves….
Dholak wali arrives and music starts….
Ishanis phone rings…she takes d call..
Ishai:hello ranveer
Ranveer:don’t take this vrath yaar…
Ranveer:ishu without eating and drinking this much hours u will die..
Ishani:ranveer ur love have given me d strength …
Ranveer:I know but I feeling scared for u ..if u r not well call me ok…
Ishani:ok baby now achacha sa kiss dedo mujhe
Ranveer:ok ummahhh and urs
Ishani:when u come here to break my vrath I will give u
Ranveer:french wala..
Ishani:ranveeeeerr….ok…luv u
Ranveer:haan luv u too.
They continue to put mehendi on ishani ..
Next was suhanis and tanus.there mehendi was also ready……
Tanu was sitting alone in her room…..suddenly her phone rings…she couldn’t take it….she sees rishi
Tanu:rishi will u pls take d phone pls
The phone was kept in a small bag near her lehenga….rishi slowly moves his hand over her waist….she was going on looking at rishi with a smile..suddenly he pulls her towards himself she was so close to him…he takes the phone and attend the call and keeps near her ears….
Tanu:hi haan di ki friend haan its her mehendi…..ok I will tell her
The phone cuts…..
Tanu:thank u rishi keep on the table
Rishi:I am having a character if I take an object I will keep back in the same place…
He holds her waist looking at her….he is so close to kiss her..he keeps the phone..
Rishi:ok its done..
Rishi:why u were waiting for something else??
rishi smiles and leaves…after he leaves tanu also smile hitting her head…
suhani was feeling so hungry
suhani:vaise for whom I am taking this vrath… heart knows whom
she smiles..
yuvi comes near her..with a plate of paratta…
yuvi:suhani do u know this paratta is so tasty….ummm
suhani:haha very fu nny
it was so mouth watering
yuvi tears a piece of paratta and brings near her mouth
yuvi:eat something suhani..
suhani:I ate
yuvi:I know that u didn’t…u r hungry right….
Suhani:no I am not
Yuvi:u r taking vrath….
Suhani:no I am not taking…any kind of vrath….
Yuvi:I know u r taking I am not forcing u to eat…but jab tak u wont I will also not eat…
Yuvi leaves
Suhani:yuvi why r u doing this I am not taking vrath for sid instead I don’t know mere man aise kehraha hein…that I have to take vrath for someone…(in mind)
Episode freezes…..
Every women breaks there fast ….wht about suhani and tanu….???

Credit to: Jenny

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