pyaar ki intehaan (tanshi, yuvani and ishveer) episode 25


Hello guys this is me jenny with the 25th episode of my ff …guys pls support me with ur comments…….and thank u sooo much for ur support….

4 of them hear the FM they feel a bit awkwardness and shy…suhani suddenly changes the channel tumse mohabbat hogaya… plays……4 of them again gets surprised…yuvi off the FM…
There is pin drop silence in the car…rishi breaks the silence..
Rishi:its really gud atmosphere right??
Tanu:r u mad rishi its too hot outside….
Suhani:haan rishi I cant live in this hotness…and u r telling this climate is nice…
Yuvi:haan r u gone seriously mad
Rishi:wow I just told to make u talk … how in classes pin drop silence was there like that in this car also there was pen drop silence…
Everyone laugh….
They reach jewellery shop…

Select a ring for ranveer …they were going on quarelling on wht they have to choose….but they finally chose
Suhani:rish we will buy a bangle for di…how is it?
Rish:ok ..but we don’t have enough money money is with dad…
Suhani:our own money….
Tanu hears them…she goes to yuvi and tell this yuvi and tanu goes to rishi and suhani..
Yuvi:rishi suhani we have a plan
Suhani:wht matlab …
Yuvi:we 4 will donate equal amount of money and buy a bangle for di
Rishi:haan nice idea..
They 4 give money and buy a very nice bangle for ishani….
Next they enter for shopping
Rishi and yuvi was waiting for suhani and tanu almost 1 hour passes away but still there selection doesn’t gets over…yuvi and rishi gets angry…
Yuvi:ladies fast…..
Suhani:I have selected how is dis?
rishi:nice nice nice fast
Yuvi:backwaas yuk ur selection chiii
Suhani gets angry and rns behind yuvi…
Tanu and rishi starts laughing…..they see others noticing yuvani…..
Tanu:enough yuvani…
Yuvani in chorus:wht???yuvani??
Tau:haan yuvraj suhani..
Rishi:wow tanu good idea
Tanu:an idea can change ur life
Suhani:abe idea ki advertisement come its too late…
They buy dresses and leaves

Suhani:I am feeling really hot…we will have icecream??
Yuvi tanu and rishi in chorus:ok
They go to ice cream shop
Suhani:bhaiyya 4 icecream..
Shopkeeper:which ice cream
Suhani:bhaiyya 2 vanilla and 2 chocolate icecreams..
Yuvi:suhani u still know wht we both like..
Suhani:haan in childhood we used to buy 2 choco and 2 vanilla and have it I still remember it
Yuvi:haan it was soo gud times….
They are having icecream…they go on talking about their childhood and they laugh…..
Rishi:yaar time is very late we have to go…
Suhani:haan u r right…
They leave they were crossing the road…suhani was scared of crossing roads…yuvi holds her hand while crossing suhani goes on looking at yuvi while crossing…they leave for home…thyey reach the house
Lata:oh its very late go and get ready 4 of u
They leave to get ready……ishani is already ready

Lata:wht happened ishani why r u scared
Ishani:maa I cant believe ki I am gonna get married…
Lata:haan even I cant believe my cute baby grew big and now is going to get married…
Ishani:maa now I am really happy yuvi suhani rishi and tanu is there with me……
Lata:hmm that is true yuvi and tanu finally came to complete this family..
Yuvi hears this….
Yuvi:chachi we will always be there for our family(in mind)
Yuvi is looking so handsome in black and white suit…….other three also comes down…there dresses were very similar suhani was wearingblack and white designer saree …tanu was also wearing saree of the same combo…rishi was wearing back and white suit…when they see each other they gets surprised that 4 of them were wearing same colour combo…soon vaghela familyalso comes…all other guests also comes…
Suhani:wow jiju u r seriously looking handsome
Ranveer:thank u saali vaise where is my bride..
Tanu:jiju di will come now wait a bit vaise today ur eyes will break seeing her beauty
Ranveer:achcha this much beautifull …
Tanu:hmm she will be d most beautifull girl of this evening….
Ranveer:salliyon don’t do ur sister s tareef like dis if anyone else hears dis they will kidnap by ishani and take her
Suhani:hmm my ishani wow jiju…
Ranveer feels shy..
Ranveer:haan my ishani I have the license to even call her as ishani ranveer vaghela
Tanu:wowww…so we will bring mrs ranveer vaghela now..
They leave after sometime ishani is brought to the stage ranveer gets mersmerised seeing her beauty….
The episode freezes…

Sidharths entry..
His entry will bring actually a dhamakha in yuvani and tanshis life…

Credit to: Jenny

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  1. Superb episode Jenny!! Sorry I couldnt comment earlier dear!! You are doing a fab job!

    1. Thank u reena dr…

  2. It’s really really good & plz update next part as fast as possible……

    1. Thank u reena dr…thank u bahashta yep i will try to update it…..

  3. Update soon jenny I really loved this episode ❤️? keep up your amazing writing ??

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  4. Awesome… Jennyyyyyyy chechi….. Update next epi as fast as possible……

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  5. Jenny !! Jenny !! Jenny!! Ua da best.. . it’s awsm.. No words to say!!! Thnx for entertaining us wid such a beautiful n lovely ff tysm.. ??

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  6. Its was stunning and thank you for giving me advice

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  7. Its truely very awesome

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  8. Wow bachu!!! It was awesome as usual… Lovely… 🙂

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      1. U r welcome bachu… 🙂

  9. wow that’s was nice dear n Sidharth what a name! I like sidharth malhotra hahahaha

    1. Thank u ruby i also like sid malhotra hehehe…

  10. Jenny too good yaar… & I can’t wait to read Sidharth’s entry… update soon plzzz….

    1. Thank u sashi…dr…ya i will update soon…

  11. Jenny chechi kalakki! Fantastic ff!

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  12. Its fabulous fantastic all words are little for this love you Jenny and your ffff

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  13. Awsome , just love ishveer scenes??

    1. Thank u ankitha…

      1. Thank u ankitha

    2. Thank u ankitha for telling my dialogue ishveer scenes were awsome…just loved it….

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  15. Lovely episode jenny..pls try to upload nxt part today

    1. Thank u gunj…dr ya dr i will try to upload ot soon…

  16. Jenny plz update I can’t wait anymore:(

  17. Nice!!! Please now don’t bring siddarth for the girls to make the guys jealous. I want a girl for the guys pleaseeee

    1. Thank u sidharth will not only bring jelousy but more….sana

  18. Chechi… Did u update the next part….

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