pyaar ki intehaan (tanshi, yuvani and ishveer) episode 23


Hello guys this s me jenny with the 23rd episode of my ff pyaar ki intehaan…………..
Guys I am planning to end my ff as I am busy and I am not getting as much support and comments….from u guys nowadays….i don’t know wht is the reason behind it..guys u know I am not at all a gud writer so u have to give comments and support me then only I will have the strength to write…..guys pls pls support me guys pls….i am really happy to say that I have seriously got lot of friends and sisters from here due to my ff….and thank u guys…….for giving me soo much of love…
Virendra ,sharada (tanus parents)and rajesh and pratima(yuvis parents) arrive and some masti……..
Ishani smiles …..heaaring her sagayi got fixed…..
Suhani:di aren’t u happy?????
Ishani:haaan I am really happy..
Pankaj:lata ji we have to start arrangements now itself……vaise yuvi beta when is ur and tanu betas parents are coming???
Yuvi:chacha today by evening they will reach…….
Pankaj:hmm I am really waiting for them to come………….
Yuvi and tanu in chorus:me too….
Everyone laughs…..

After some time……
Suhani was sitting with the new born puppy… tanu comes near her
Tanu:wow suhani its so cute puppy…I luv this puppy soo much wht is d name kept
Suhani:still I have not kept any name
Tanu:I have a name in my mind …wht about it
Yuvi and rishi also pases by the way
Yuvi:tanu ur selection of name is bakwaaas so I will select the name
Rishi:oh hello ur selection is not just bakwaas it is bekar also…so I think my selection is best…
Suhani:hahaha ur three peoples selection is not at all good my selection is the best…
Four of them starts arguing….ishani was going through that way…she hears them arguing…
Ishani:excuse…tum chaar will always argue like this I really think that u 4 have done a course to argue with each other……….idiots wht is the problem…?
4 together in chorus:we want to name this puppy
Ishani:only this much for that u 4 are quarelling like ok I have an idea…
4 together:wht
Ishani:u 4 will write the name u wish to name d puppy…….give it to me….the name which I like I will choose it……..
4 of them agree to tis…they four write the name…ishani takes the chits…she gets shocked seeing the names
Ishani:the names which 4 of u suggested is same
Ishani:haan it is venus
4 of them look at each other…..shocked…
Tanu:di u r joking right??
Ishani:haan ….so the puppys name is venus…..
4 of them together:venus….
They look at each other…..

Its evening
tanshi and yuvani are playing caroms
Suhani gets a five…
Suhani:wow I got the 5 …..
Suhani gives a hifi to rishi
Rishi:yo his time we will surely win….
Yuvi:game abhi baaki hain boss………
Suddenly bell rings
Yuvi:I will open the door…….
Yuvi goes to open the door……..
Yuvi sees and screams……
Yuvi:papa ma
Tanu runs and hugs sharada and veer..
Tanu:papa ma I am so happy to see u both
Yuvi also hugs rajesh and pratima..
Pratima:beta where is suhani and rishi??
Suhani and rishi comes towards them….rajesh..sees suhani and remembers her childhood ..rajesh hugs suhani…..
Rajesh:u have changed a lot beta
Suhani:I had given a promise to a person that I will change(looking at yuvi)
Pankaj lata rano and raaj comes….they all hug each other…….
Pankaj:I cant say how much I am happy…to see my brother and sister….
Veer:vaise where is dulhan…

Ishani runs and comes
Ishani:main yahan hoon…
Ishani hugs everyone…
Veer:vaise I am really hungry..
Lata:come bhaisaab everything is ready …..
Everyone sits together and eats nachtha….like before..
Raaj:its been a very long time we have sit together and ate…
Rajesh:haan…..but don’t know why after coming here I am not at all feeling to go back
Yuvi:(whispering) me tooo
Tanu:did u tell anything yuvi????
Yuvi:no I didn’t…
The episode freezes on yuvis face…

Yuvani and tanshi leave for shopping…..

Credit to: Jenny

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  1. Plss jenny dnt do this..i m addicted to ur ff…plss dont end it …u r a superb writer and we all luv ur ff vry much…it just that some times some people forget to cmnt..but it doesnt mean we are lacking interest in ur ff..ur ff is awesome..plss keep writing it..

    1. Thank u dr……thank u sooo much for luving my ff soooo much…….

  2. nice dear but i am confuse! Suhani just hate Yuvi and Yuvraj also did not want to go to india.So when he has come back why are they behaving like they are very happy with each other and they had never had a fight.

    1. Its like yuvani actually luv each other.but yuvi didnt want to go back because of the insult she gave him…suhani actually like yuvi but is angry because he just went…one day surely the jwaka mukhi will break…..

  3. Please! Don’t end your ff.Please! I really like it!

    1. Thank u yuvisuhi dr…

  4. Chechi… U r the best writer i hav ever seen… And pls dont give me heart attack telling that u r gonna end ur ff… Pls……. If i dont read ur ff one day.. Then my that day will be the worst day.. So please stop talking about ending the ff.. Dont dare talk to me like dat… Then ill never comment… ?????????

    1. Thank u saraj dr……support me like this aniyathi….☺?☺??

      1. Chechi… Ill always keep supporting you…. I am a single child.. I hav always wanted an elder sibling… And im really happy that i got one from telly updates….

      2. Ok i am also the smallest kid in my house and i also wanted a small sissy so i am happy that i got u….

  5. My dear bachu, y r u talking like this… If this ff was nt there hw wuld I hv got a lovely little sissy… & if u vill stop this ff hw will I talk to my dear little sissy… Y u getting disheartened bachu… Ur ff is really really very good… I don’t know if I can convince u or nt… Bt I seriously always want to b with u bachu… I m nt at all in a situation to loose a sweet sissy like u… I won’t tell u much. I love you bachu & will always love u…. :-*

    1. Thank u soooo much chechi luv u tooo???

      1. Bachu take care of urself…. 🙂

      2. & always remember v r always there to support u…

      3. I know paru sis??

      4. That’s like my bachu. Always b positive…

  6. yaa Jenny plzzzzzzz don’t stop writing it is tooooooo gooooooood. And you are the best… Plz don’t break our heart with love ur story a lot

    1. Thank u sooo much dr…for loving me and my ff sooo much….

  7. Ruby… tommorrows update i will inform wether i will end it or not…

  8. komal sontani

    Plz jenny dont end it uts my humble request to u i hope u can fulfill my wish

    1. Thank u dr for luving my ff so much….

  9. Jenny… Dnt end ua ff u no i jus love ua ff n u n ua approach towards ua fans!! Im a die heart fan of ua ff pls dnt end ua ff

    1. Nithu sissy thank u sooo much for ur luv and support…

  10. Thank u komal sis and nithu sis…for loving my ff….thank u sooo much

  11. Plzz Jenny don’t end ur ff. I love ur ff a lot. Plzz it’s my request

  12. Your ff is the best I love your ff please dnt stop writing

  13. Thank u sid and thank u rani for loving my ff this much….??

  14. Please dnt end it jenny I really love your ff it calms me down after school and exam stress so pleassse carry it on ❤️

  15. Thank u dr for loving my ff…..

  16. Jenny, please don’t think about ending this FF. You’re doing well so far! We are all here to support you but do believe in yourself more! Writing a FF is a talent of yours. Please don’t give up!

    1. Thank u dr for supporting and luving my ff

      1. Anytime Jenny. Never think like this again!!!

  17. We want at least 100 episode of this not more than 100

    1. Yes komal….. U no jenny we love ua ff soo much

      1. 100 expectations are very high….but i will try to accomplish ur expectations…

  18. Don’t end sis

    1. Ok ur request will be noticed dr…

  19. Wow it’s just awesome & plz don’t stop it Jenny……

  20. Wow it’s really good and plz plz plz don’t stop it Jenny plz…..

    1. Thank u dr for luving my ff to this extend…

  21. How cum u decided to end this? 🙁 . See the lov u hv from all of us. No words to praise u girl cz being a 11th grade student with lots of studies u still spare ur time for us & we people beg u to update it regularly & most of the time u manage to do it. Feel so proud abt u.

  22. & plzzzzz don’t get dishearten cz of less comments. It’s not bcz they don’t like it. It might be they were too bc to comment. Even same thing happen to me with 2 of ur epis. But I read it on the same day. bt unfortunately couldn’t give u a feedback.

    1. Yep i can see how much luv all have in me …and i am really happy to…

  23. Pleaseeeeee don’t end ur ff because I m in love with your ff

    1. Thank u dr for luving my ff to this extend….

  24. Jenny its really nice.nd jenny wat r u doing? I mean studies.

  25. Dont bother about comments many will be reading ur ff because there r many silent reader.even i am an silent reader.really i have to appreciate u becoz of reaching ur 23rd episode success fully.keep going and dont stop for anyone………

  26. Wat r u doing jenny????.i mean studies…

    1. Thank u suhani dr for luving my ff…i am in 11th std now at present…

  27. Jenny just luk at the cmnts..ur news of ending ff force them to cmnt coz they all luv ur ff plss dont do this..and change ur mind..i m eagerly waiting fo ur next part and ur decision..i hope it vl be in our soon

    1. Thank u dr…yep now i can see how much ppl is loving my ff…

  28. everyone love ur fan fiction Jenny.. I know that it is an additinol work to write it and publish but u dont stop infact i will soon stop mine i have already say in my fan fiction comment Love is painful

    1. ruby its reply i will give in ur fanfiction…

  29. Please don’t leave it!! Jenny di u are sound really good!! Suggestion: can u make like an entry of a girl for yuvi like his friend from childhood after they left 10 years ago so suhani gets jealous and goes after yuvi please di. Same with Tanu like make an entry of a girl for rishi so Tanu gets jealous please di

    1. sana a gr8 twist is seriously going to come where luv triangle begins…and u will understand it in upcoming episodes and ya i will surely try to impliment ur idea…..

  30. Chechiiiiii… Luk at the way ppl luv u… Proud to be ur sis… And pls update next part soon…………

    1. ya dr i am amazed to see how d ppl luv…me…and i am really happy….too

  31. Hey jenny!! How to write a fan fiction?? Can u plz illustrate me?? It will be great help from ur side.. ?

  32. ok tabu dr…first take a blog like ssel yhm matsh etc up there will be submit ur article….click that fill all d columns…..write ur story upload a pic and submit….

    1. Tysm!!!

      1. Ur welcome…

  33. Hav a look my bachu… Hw much ppl love u & ur ff… U still think u shud end this ff??? My bachu can’t break these many hearts…. Think abt it sweetie….

    1. yeah u r right i didnt even expect this…..

      1. Happens bachu… At times v underestimate ourselves… So this is a small advice for u that never underestimate urself. & always remember do ur part of work & leave rest upto God. U will always get reward for ur good work & it can b in anyway. So always b happy my bachu. Love you baby. & hv faith in urself always. 🙂

      2. Thank u sissy for ur great advice…

  34. Please please don’t stop writting please i loved your ff and it is too much awesome that so i liked it you known i am in standard eight i leave my study for your ff please don’t do don’t stop writing

    1. thank u sooooooo much akshitha for luving my ff….and dont leave ur studies for my ff….all the best for ur studies dear…

  35. are yaar itne sare cmnts milthe ho thi kyu aise bol rahi ho.Mujhe thumara ff chahiye chahiye…chahiye.Ek baath bathao yuvani bro sis tho nahi hoona tho phir pankaj ko yuvraj chacha kyu bhulathe ho.

    1. Ya ur right…and thank u for luving my ff this much …abot ur doubt yuvani is 2nd cousins for yuvi pankaj is life his fathers brother…so

  36. I LOVE UR FF please dont end it plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    1. Ok shruthi….dr…

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