pyaar ki intehaan (tanshi, yuvani and ishveer) episode 20

Hello guys this me jenny with the 20th episode of my ff …guys thank u soooooooooooo much for ur support….and comments…keep commenting..
Everyone enjoys ishanis roka party….
Yuvani fight for room….

Suhani was sitting on a chair thinking wht must be d gift…rishi was passing through there he sees suhani sitting confused
Rishi:memsaab wht r u thinking??hmm
Suhani:(without councious) about the gift..
Rishi:gift wht gift??
Suhani:(suddenly gets up) no no no I mean wht gift we will give to di…about that
Rishi:ohh about that we will think..
Lata calls rishi
Rishi:ayi chachi..suhani u just think if u get a good idea tell me..
Suhani:haan haan ok u go..
Rishi leaves
Suhani:ohh bach gayi…
Suhani leaves

The roka party gets over…vaghelas are about to leave
Amba:teek hain we are now leaving..its been a lot of time…
Lata:haan sagayi ka date ke baareme we did not talk..
Amba:tomorrow pandit ji is coming we will get the perfect date of saagayi
Ranveer was going on looking ishani….
Suhani:do u know wht is going on di s and jijus mind
Yuvi:haan…. tusi jaarahahon tusi na jao….
Ishani and ranveer feels shy…
Ranveer signs to call her in the night..tanu sees this
Tanu:fine jiju I will tell di to look after her phone to take ur call
Rishi:hoo jijaji itni actions why don’t u tell her openly in front of us
Suhani:he is having shy
Yuvi:jiju u should not shy like this …whtever u have to tell tell openly now u have the license….
Everyone laughs loudly..
Ishveer feels shy..

Ishani:chup kar 4 of u are teasing us soo much one ur 4 peoples time will come…at that time together I will tease u four
Yuvani and tanshi looks at each other and feel a bit awkward…
Vaghelas leave after sometime…..
Tanshi yuvani and ishani was sitting in the dining room to chill before going to sleep…
Suhanis phone rings…
Suhani:hello…hi sidharth
(to know who is sidharth u guys should actually wait…but intro is imp he is suhanis and rishis friend and suhanis…..wait and watch…….)
Yuvi:(thinking)sidharth …who is this sidharth????
Suhani comes back after calling…..

Suhani:rishi sid will come day after tomorrow….
Rishi:oh…how is he??
Suhani:ofcourse he is fine london mein itna bada hotel mein with all luxuries facilities……who toh khush hoga hena…
Rishi:hmmm haan voh toh hain…
Ishani:ab time 11:30…and a boy is calling u at this time suhani agar maa baba ko patachalegana toh tere vat lagathengi…
Suhani:di sid hein …koi aur nahi…
Ishani:haan sid hain….teek hain(laughs)
Suhani:di stop it…….
Ishanis phone rings…
Yuvi:ab dusari bhi..hmmm
Ishani:this phone is not unimportant…ok vaise bhi the person who is calling me have d license to call me at this time ok??
Yuvi:ok vaise take the call jiju must be angry..that u r not taking d call…
Ishani leaves to talk to rv…
Ishani:(in a small voice)hello ranveer
Ranveer:why r u talking in a such small voice baby…..?
Ishani:chup kar baby veby nahi hoon tumhara..
Ranveer:really ……….kaisi hon??
Rv:miss u I cant live without u…
Ishani:me to patha hain kitna tough hain mere liye tumhara bina jeena…
Rv :only some more days after that u are all mine wht wished for this 3 yrs it will happen ……
Ishani:I love u ranveer…
Rv:I love u too mere cute sunny deol
Ishani:hahaha very funny…ranveer its late I am keeping the phone agar ma ya papa ko patha chalgayana meri haddiya thudvathengi…
Rv:ok ait wait ruk ruk….give me a kiss….
Ishani:shut up ranveer shadi ke baad
Ranveer:pls ishani pls pls pls…
Rv:(shy)thank u
Ishani cuts the call.she turns back and see yuvani and tanshi standing back of her they 4 burst out into laughter….
Ishani feel shy
Ishani:wht r 4 looking at me??
Yuvani tanshi in a chorus:oh wht a chemistry……
Ishani:voh…(ishani yawns)mujhe na bohot neend araha hein…..bye gudni8
She suddenly skips out from their teasing….yuvani and tanshi laughs….

Suhani is in the kitchen….she was cleaning the plates………suddenly someone pulls her into her room…it was none other than yuvi….
Suhani:wht is this…………yuvi
Yuvi:kuch nahi…kuch khaas hein I tol u to come to my room right to give u d gift…
Suhani:haan mein bhool gayi toh where is……wait ye mera roomhein>>
Yuvi:joking???this is my room..
Suhani:shut up this is my room ok
Yuvi:bachpan mein mein I used to study sleep bath do every thing in this room which indicates that this is my room..
Suhani:bachpan ki baath hein…now this s my room I sleep here I study here and I bath from here…
Yuvi:how dare u take my room I wont leave u
Suhani:abe khothe this is my room
Yuvi and suhani started arguing loudly…
Hearing their argument tanshi comes into the room
Tanshi in chorus:wht happened…..
Tanu:why r u both fighting???
Suhani:wht is he doing in my room
Rishi:wht happened..?
Suhani:he is telling me that this is his room…
Yuvi:execuse me ms suhani shrivastav….this is my room…
Tanu:guys jiske bhi room he thodi adjust karona
Suhani:rishi who stayed in this room these 10yrs??
Yuvi:tanu whose room was it before 10yrs…??
Suhani:it was before 10yrs now this is my house my room and my bed…
Yuvi:who told this is ur house this is my chachas house ….jab ye tere naam pe hojayegi na tab tell these this is my room and this is my bed..
Suhani:I wont give u my room…
Yuvi:I think when I went before 10yrs u were missing me that’s why u took this room
Suhani gets stunned
Suhani:aisa kuch bhi nahi …and neither I missed u nor I want this room…
Suhani pushes yuvi to the bed angrily…..suhani leaves …with rishi..
Yuvi starts laughing hard…the episode freezes,…..

Yuvis and tanus gift for suhani and rishi…..

Credit to: Jenny


  1. Nithu

    Its awsm…. U no i was having a big smile on my while i was reading ua ff nxt update fast….!!.. Pls

  2. Oh my bachu, it is becoming hard for me to praise u… Provide me a dictionary so I can search words to praise u my dear… Seriously too good episode it was bachu… Will b waiting for u to give a bang with next episode… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Saraj

    Chechi…. Superb…. Hope sid is not a negative person….. Loved yuvani fight……. Thnks for updating gast…….

  4. Gunj

    Now this was a surprise..frankly speaking i was not axpecting ur ff to be publised today..i sooooo happy..its was mindblowing asusual..plss post nxt part sooon…

  5. Sashi

    So true Nithu & Paru were so correct. Really I also don’t have words to praise u Jenny. U r too awesome. & Thank u very much for ur dedication yaar. Very much appreciated.

  6. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    sooo nice dear , but can u write all the sentences in english as it is hard for me to understand hindi …. but its so nice dear . can u give us some more ishveer scenes ? its my request ….

    • Jenny

      Thank u sooooo much dr…..yep i will write every wording in english or i willl surely translate them……

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