pyaar ki intehaan (tanshi, yuvani and ishveer) episode 19


Hello guys this is me jenny with the 19th episode of my ff pyaar ki intehaan ……..guys pls pls pls keep commenting as ur comments seriously gives me a lot of support and luv….i am in 11th I have classes I am really busy so still I am writing my ff for u …….so pls support me to write…and if u want me too add anything in my ff guys pls tell me…..
Ishanis roka celebrations start..ranveer vaghelas entry…
Tanu and suhani dance on the song cham cham cham….everyone celebrates ishanis roka…
Everyone goes on teasing ishveer..they really feel so shy..
Ishani:bas kar ok enough of teasing like this….
Tanu:vaise di jijo is not bad …hot hein
Rishi:excuse me….

Everyone looks at rishi
Rishi:matlab tanu tere jiju hein voh…and tu uss par line marraha hein?
Ranvi:I am not feeling bad continue
Ishani:achacha I will kill u..i wont leave u….shaadi hone do…phir bataungi
Suhani:di I am having a doubt….u became jealous now??
Ishani started shying
Ishani:no why would I be jealous??
Suhani:oh really
Suhani starts tickling ishani..ishani runs behind suhani to tickle her…
Tanu rishi:yo di run behind her don’t leave her tickle her…
Ishani got hold of suhani she starts screaming and laughing
Suhani:no di

She runs towards yuvi
Suhani:yuvi yuvi pls tell di to stop tickling me pls….
Tanshi looks on laughing..
Without knowing suhani holds yuvis hands ishani sees this and suddenly stops ..tanshi also look yuvi also looks on.suhani suddenly realizes wht she have done she slowly takes her hand off..rano comes….
Rano:ishani today is ur roka….behave like a grown up girl…go and sit with ranveer….dont run like this beta
Ishani feels sad…she is a completely joyfull girl how can she just sit like this.suhani sees her sad face and understands wht is her problem….

Suhani goes to the stage for the announcement
Suhani:ladies and gentlemen .i know it’s a bit bore calling ladies and gentlemen.. so uncles aunties friends mere behne aur mere pyaare bhaiyon..isnt this roka boring??
Suhani:so to make this roka more enjoyement for everyone especially mere behen aur jiju ke liye there is a small surprise wait and watch…..
Suhani comes down of the stage she pulls tanu to a side and murmurs something in her ears..
Tanu:suhani how can we do this without practice I wont do
Suhani:I know that we can do tanu for di…for me??

Suhani:woow thank u sooo much……
They go…slowly lights become dim…2 girls are sitting on the stage….it was tanu and suhani .slowly music starts to play…….tanu gets up and starts dancing on the song cham cham cham
Slowly suhani starts dancing…with tanu…
Cham cham cham.. (x2)

Zulfon se bandh liya dil
Seene pe se udne laga aanchal
Mujhse naina mila ke
Mausam hone lagge paagal

Sabse hoke befikar

Nachun main aaj cham cham cham (hey!)
Cham cham cham
Cham cham cham..

Main nachun aaj cham cham cham (hey!)
Cham cham cham
Cham cham cham..
Suhani and tanu gets down of the stage suhani takes ishveers hands to dance….tanu takes yuvi and rishi to dance…..all starts dancing….
Rain drop bouncing
My heart is announcing
You got to take me away

Let’s start jumping
My heart goes pumping
I love you in every way

Dhadkano pe boondein jo giri
Toh nachun aaj cham cham cham (hey!)
Cham cham cham
Cham cham cham..

Main nachun aaj cham cham cham (hey!)
Cham cham cham
Cham cham cham..

Gili hawaye jhoomti hain
Tann ko mere chumthi hain
Chhod ke ye sharam waram
Jhoom ye jiya

Koi bhi kahe kuch bhi yahan
Maine toh kabhi suna kahan
Dil ne mere jo bhi kaha
Maine woh kiya

Haan is pal ko main aaj jee loon
Jo bhi hoga dekha jayega kal
Mujhse naina mila ke
Mausam hone lagge paagal haaye

Sabse hoke befikar
Nachun main aaj cham cham cham (hey!)
Cham cham cham
Cham cham cham..

Main nachun aaj cham cham cham (hey!)
Cham cham cham
Cham cham cham..

Baarishon ki taal pe yeh
Khanak mere dhadkano ki
Keh rahi hai jee le tu zara

Baar baar saath mere
Saare ab thirakne lage
Dole zameen naache aasman

Main toh hawa hun
Hath na aaun
Marzi se apni, udti hi jaaun

Ho khud ki karun main kya taarife
Raat ne churaya mera kaajal
Mujhse naina mila ke
Mausam hone lagge paga
Sabse hoke befikar

Nachun main aaj cham cham cham (hey!)
Cham cham cham
Cham cham cham cham cham..(x2)

Cham cham…
Sab naache aaj
Cham cham cham..
While dancing suhani and yuvi comes nearer and nearer….tanu and rishi dances together.. ishveer also dances.ranveer holds on to ishanis waist while dancing and dance with her….when the song ended suhani without thinking hugs yuvi tightly yuvi also hugs her back…as this was the moment they were waiting for this 10yrs ………suddenly they come into senses everyone claps..suhani looks at yuvi…everyone gets down off the stage…tanu looks at rishi…rishi signs wht
Tanu :come with me
Tanu:u don’t trust me???

Rishi:obviously I trust u more than myself
Tanu:ok now come with me…
Rano:rishi beta go to ur chacha and get the shagun ki thaal
Tanu signs rishi not go…but rishi goes…
Tanu gets a message telling that rishi will meet her after the roka party…she smiles…seeing the message…
Suhani was standing near the food court as if she was waiting for someone…
Yuvi comes to suhani………
Yuvi:so whom r u looking for
Suhani:my boyfriend…u want to meet????(angry)
Yuvi:yep I want to know who is that gadha who became ur bf

Suhani:excuse me….pure Allahabad ke ladke mere peeche khoomthe hain….
Yuvi:like wht u told 10yrs before that is happening…u won d bet……u became beautifull …studied dancing apni saari kamzoriyon ko apna thakat banaya gud…so as u won d bet I have to give u some gift right..
Suhani:I don’t want any gift from u
Yuvi:ok if u don’t want fine…
Suhani:voh……I just want to know want stupid gift fr u so where is it
Yuvi:after the roka party come to my room..
Suhani:(confused )ok
Yuvi:and one more thing this gift isn’t that stupid…

Yuvi leaves smiling…suhani thinks wht will be the gift…
The episode freezes
Fight amid yuvani for room……..

Credit to: Jenny

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  1. oh please Dear make it more longer. Its so wonderful i want to read more.. Please update the next soon as possible

    1. Yep i will try to make it more longer and thank u soooo much…..

  2. Beautiful story sis

    1. Thank u sooooooooo much prince dear…….

  3. This is a cute episode! You are amazing Jenny! Fantastic!

    1. Thank u sooooo much dr…reena….

  4. Wow..jenny ..i hv became ur fan girl..u r amazing..i could feel each and every word of ur ff..superup..plss jenny update ur ff ASAP..coz i cnt wait to read it..plss try to upload today..sothat we can read it tmrw..plss jenny try to upload fast..and i dnt want to do any suggestion 4 d story…coz ur and mine brain thunks similar…u r writing exactly what i was wanting..keep writing dis amazing ff..

    1. Thank u soooo much gunj….dear…yep…i will cntu like this….

  5. Wow it’s just amazing Jenny…..& plz update next part as fast as possible:)

    1. Thank u soooo much bahashta…yep i will upload it soon…..

  6. Superb continue ur ff is the best I totally like ? your ff very much jenny ur the best hats- off you ? and I’m also studying 11th and plz make suhani little time to accept yuvraj as her boyfriend it will be a interesting track plz its a request dear friend

    1. Thank u sooooo much aparna……yep it will take a long time for yuvani and tanshi confession…

  7. Superb… Jenny…… Actually my name is Shilpa….. I am a tenth grader…. Can i think u as my elder sis…. U hav literally stolen my heart… I dont have words to appreciate you… Pls upload the next epi as fast as possible…..

    1. Thank u sooo much silpa..and surely u can consider me as ur big sis…..yep little sissy i will update it soon….

      1. Thnks chechi… (those who donno malayalam.. CHECHI means elder sis)

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  8. OMG my bachu… Today’s episode was Muuuhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you sooooo much bachu… I don’t hv words to express my feelings… Will b eagerly waiting for ur next update bachu…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank u sooo much paru chechi……ur comment gives me strength to write…

      1. Surely my bachu…. My support will always b there with my little sisy…. 🙂

      2. Thank u sooooo much chechi…..

      3. Anytime my bachu… 🙂

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  9. Wow awesome Jenny. Please do make it longer but it’s awesom!!

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  10. OMG my bachu… Today’s episode was uummmhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you sooooo much bachu… I don’t hv words to express my feelings… Will b eagerly waiting for ur next update bachu…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  13. Jenny its awsm.. Im sry for late comment as i sas nt in home yesterday

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    1. That will be shown in the upcoming episodes……

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