pyaar ki intehaan (tanshi, yuvani and ishveer) episode 18

Hello sisters and friends ..this s me jenny with the 18th episode ….thank u soooo much guys for ur support…ur comments r so valuable for me…guys keep commenting…
Yuvani and tanshi meeting..
Ishanis roka…
Tanu sees rishi …tears flows out of tanus eyes..
Rishi goes on looking…tanu..he couldn’t speak anything to her.his heart was going on speaking ..
Rishi:(heart is speaking)I wanted to see u ..i don’t…I am really see u it was my wish since this 10 yrs…
Tanu wipes her tears…
Tanu:rishi why aren’t u telling anything??
Rishi but still couldn’t speak anything
Rishi :(in mind) I want to tell u lot of things but I don’t know…wht to tell u…
Tanu hugs rishi so tightly…
Tanu:I missed u soo much rishi..i cant tell u how much………
Rishi hugs her back tightly….
Rishi:me too I also missed the same way…

Sanam re …plays…
Outside d house
Yuvi comes and holds suhanis shoulder…
She turns yuvi sees suhani he gets mersmerised seeing suhani…..suhani gets shocked seeing yuvi..
suhani: (whispers) yuvi……
suhani reminces their childhood how they used to they used to fight…tears fall from her eyes..she couldn’t believe that yuvi was standing in front of her…
yuvi..slowly touches suhanis face…..
kabhi jo badal barse mein dekhoo tujhe aankhe barkhe…plays
suhani slowly moves she turns..her hair gently hits yuvis face…suhani runs away..yuvi look on a bit sad
yuvi:mujhe aisa kyun lagan ki this is suhani why?
Inside the house
Ishani:bas kar hug wug……enough for now
Tanu and rishi moves apart..suhani runs up and comes and opens the door she comes in seeing tanu
Ishani:ohh so u were playing in the rain nice…
Suhani:voh bheeg gayi thi(sad tone)

Ishani:tanu this is the 2nd sharathi bacha of this house suhani
Tanu was about to hug suhani ..she steps aside
Suhani:I am completely wet don’t dirt urself by hugging me….tanu
Rishi notices suhanis unhappiness…
Tanu feels very sad..
Ishaani:oh now u r thinking about cleanliness nice……u wont even hug ur sister??chal
Ishani comes towards suhani she leaves to her room
Ishani:wht happened to her..suddenly(thinking)
Rishi leaves behind suhani..
Yuvi comes in
Ishani:hmm so tum bhi bheeg ..
Yuvi:its been a long time I have seen I overjoyed to see rain…di I will get dressed up fast
Ishani:fine yuvi
Ishani and yuvi leaves
Tanu:(to herself)suhani is really angry yuvis mood is also off wht happened..kuch samaj nahi araha hein….

In suhanis room suhani is drying her hair with a towel rishi comes in
Rishi:suhani wht happened to u?
Rishi:then why were u behaving like this with tanu?are u still angry with her???
Suhani:I wasn’t angry with tanu…vaise wht have she done nothing….
Rishi:yaar then why r u upset..?
Suhani:I cant believe yuvi and tanu came after ten yrs….seriously….
Rishi:wait wait wait u saw yuvi??
Suhani:haa voh bahar khada tha
Rishi:suhani he came after 10yrs its been so long I don’t think so that u can identify him…..
Suhani:I am sure it is yuvi my heart is telling….
Rishi:tere heart ka toh pata nahi…but u cant believe it right ki ye sach hein ya nahi
Rishi pinches her
Suhani:haa rishi its hurting me…
Rishi:chutti kaatli wake up this is truth…
Suhani:thank u (angrily)
Rishi:fine fine don’t give me this drastic angry look get ready

Rishi leaves..suhani closes the door and smiles..
In yuvis room ..yuvi gets ready…he wears a red and cream kurta and shervani…he was looking stunning…he comes out of his room .guests had come…yuvi gets down of the stairs….some girls were standing there both ishanis as well as suhanis friends..they gets mersmerised seeing handsome yuvi…
After sometime ishani and tanu also get ready they also come down
Lata:ishani ur roka is going to happen and ur sister is getting ready??
She sees suhani coming down
Ishani:lo agayi mere behen
Yuvi looks at suhani .he gets mersmerised seeing her beauty he slowly started walking towards her ..she was wearing a cream and red lehenga….she sees yuvi coming towards her both yuvis and suhanis heart was pumping faster….yuvi suddenly stops seeing everyone looking at him…..he changes his direction and goes to tanu..suhani gets relieved…rishi also gets ready..and comes down
Ishani:lo rishi bhi agaya….rishi holds suhanis hand and they together come down…..yuvi looks on…
Tanu was still upset thinking about why suhani doesn’t like her….
Suhani comes towards tanu…
Suhani:tanu felt bad when I moved back .

Tanu:no suhani why should I be angry..
She slowly turns as she did not want to show her pain..suhani makes tanu turn and hugs her
Suhani:mere pyaari bahena how r u ??
Tanu rishi and yuvi gets happy…
Tanu:I am gud hum itni saal ke bad mil rahena..still r u angry with me?
Suhani:I was neither angry with u at that time neither now..
Tanu and suhani smiles
Lata:lake vale agaya
Suhani:di u r mister perfect and his family has come…hoo u r really happy isn’t it??
Ishani feels shy
Lata:suhani u do d aarti..u r ishanis sister so u have to do…
Everyone smiles…
Suhani:no maa
Everyone gets shocked
Suhani:maa I am not d only sister di has tanu is also our sister so me and tanu both will do d aarti
Everyone smiles happily…..especially tanu ..tanu and suhani both do the aarti suhani puts tilak on rvs forehead tanu gives d sweet..
Lata:come in beta…..
A handsome boy comes in it is none other than ranveer vagela…

Suhani:jiju ye Namaste hamare liye tha ya kisi aur ke liye..
Rv:so wht do u think for whom??
Tanu coughs teasing ishveer …..
Ishani and ranveer feels shy….
The episode freezes

Tanu and suhani dance on the song cham cham cham….everyone celebrates ishanis roka…

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  1. Again just one word jenny WOW..
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  2. Fantastic episode Jenny! You rock! I am happy everyone is happy with each other!

    1. thank u sooo much reena….once again thank u

  3. Superb…. Jenny… Sis… Chala bagunde..

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  4. Very nice!!! Especially Yuvani part was awesome

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  8. Wow Jenny superb!! I loved it but can u still make suhani go after yuvraj. Seeing today’s episode it seems like yuvraj will go after suhani. I don’t want that like the same as serial no please makes suhani go after yuvraj please Jenny

    1. thank u sana …i will try to make d way u want but differently…

  9. O my dear sisy……… Wooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I jst love you for this beautiful episode bachu!!!! 🙂 Hope u don’t mind me calling u bachu. If any objections do tell me my dear.

    1. Paru di thank u sooooo much and i dont have any objections….and thank u for calling me bachi i liked d name bachu very much.. :):):)

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  11. Sorry i am late but it was a awesome episode

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  12. I love ur ff jenny Yuvani, Ishveer and tanshi all three are awesome love the precap too

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